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Trouble writing Internship Resume? Here’s the guide to draft resume with no experience required.

Create hassle free and comprehensive Internship resume suitable for freshers and students pursuing internship programs.

A well-written internship resume draws the attention of employers who are seeking new graduate talents in their companies. Usually, companies are familiar that freshers and individuals having no experience needs internship as a base to gain skills in real-time performance to achieve a part or whole of targets of company.

To get job in companies, it is require to have relevant experience and to get experience, people require a job to earn relevant experience aligned with their qualifications. Freshers and people who want to gain new skills to add in their profile sometimes need to choose a path of internship programs. Internship programs last for three months to six months. Some companies allow internships for more than six months depending on the nature of business. To apply in any company for a job or for an internship a professionally written document is required to take an entry. On the basis of which employer filter appropriate candidates to join their organization. Interns or trainee may sometimes work for a company with pay and benefits, with pay and no benefits, without pay and benefits or without pay and no benefits.

Some companies also run online internship programs for students to have the privilege of working remotely. Employers allow interns and trainees to complete internship online without having them to attend program physically on-site. All the process for internship access from registration to online work assignment, internet access and certification of completion is processed online.

Moving on to internship resume writing, an impressive resume is important to reach the attention of employer for obtaining interview prospect. No worries if you stuck in writing internship resume, since here you will discover valuable suggestions to compose resume if you want to obtain skills without holding any experience or with experience.

  • Resume objective or Career Goals: Most common and first feature in any resume to notices is goals and objectives. For students and freshers career objective is an effective move to start a resume. Well, resume writer should not disclose what they want from the employer in defining their career objective. Alternately, statement should define objectives to tell what intern or trainee deliver for the benefit in profession and how you can assist company to reach its goals. Therefore, for students a career objective should demonstrate their personality traits, relevant skills and strengths.

Example, Hardworking and passionate student who can complete task within strict deadline. With proven writing and research abilities seeking to apply for internship that will help your organization achieving end-goals.

While writing your goals and objectives keep statement such to catch reader’s eye on your resume with skills and abilities that you can contribute to achieve goals.

  • Readable Education segment: As students apply for internship program its essential to bring readers attention on your qualifications with adequate details. People tend to write very less details on education part, however that case is suitable for professional and experienced person. For new interns’ education and professional experience is major part on resume.

Education details should include relevant coursework with specialization if any. GPA to convince your hard work and confidence of reliability on work. Recognition and awards receive in school or college to show your accomplishments and creative traits to HR manager. Extracurricular activities for instance, sports activity or volunteer in social activity to demonstrate your communication or leadership skills. Being a student, you have less professional experience so you are free to list your education section with loads of information.

  1. Internship experience: Even if you have no experience to show HR manager, you might have prior internship experience, paid or unpaid, you had worked for. Don’t hesitate to introduce your completed internship lists, even if you had pursued online. Number of internships you work on will give extra edge to resume in experience for a student. If you haven’t been to any, apply short term internship program online which later you can add as part of your experience.
  2. Keywords on resume: Modern method to hire include scan and sort of resumes through Application Tracking System (ATS) by recruiters. Use keywords on your resume that indicate lists of relevant keywords related to job. To record those keywords in your resume pick keywords from job post or job ads. Besides, avoid buzzwords to use as keywords like “go-getter” or “team player” as these words are insignificant to have in resume for internship.
  3. Special details: Special details are termed as special because whole resume looks good with appropriate format. Correct use of punctuation, right grammar, right vocabulary, exact spelling will make resume readable and pleasant. Also, draft resume using action verbs to keep employer or HR manager engage to read resume. Take a help for proofreading from your friend or family member to pluck mistakes in resume so that before final print or final mail you could change the error.
  4. Technical Skills: Students learn in schools from young age use of MS office tools. School and college projects and presentations make you well aware with the applications of excel, power point presentation and MS word. Other technical skills like common operating system, programming language, technical writing etc. are good approach to express your technical knowledge being a young learner. Take advantage of these skills to score your resume.

Example, Pivot table, VLOOKUP, HLookup, Macro, well versed with all excel formulae, excellent PPT designing, basic java coding etc. are few technical skills to highlight your valuable skills. 

Conclusion: To have remarkable resume for internship remember to avoid filling unnecessary and untrue information. It’s okay and appropriate if you lack technical skills or less non-technical skills to list out on resume. Be honest with yourself and with your resume to land towards valuable internship.

These tips are basic explanations of categories majorly used in resume for freshers to prove your competencies and your skills. Even if you lack work experience do not restrain yourself to consider for a good job experience.

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