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Is it the right time to switch career?

Want to switch career, a job, a company? But not sure to make a change. Before taking a bright start to change a career/job be assured of these reasons.

If you are pondering to change your career but worried if it is the right time to take the risk and turn career, we could help you with reasonable grounds to quit a career and switch to another career. Change in a career is not simple for all. Change in career is fruitful only if it brings you privileges in every possible way both personally and professionally. The difficult part is to make the right decision. You might have considered many aspects and in the process of remodeling, many things seem to turn challenging. 

The indications of uneasiness and unmanageable situations lead to low productivity in professional work. You find your professional work hard at times that cause you an unsatisfactory personal job as well. Human always ignores their first instinct in search of better options. Our fear of the unknown keeps us in a comfortable situation. One of my friends underwent Dilemma to take the right decision for her. Every Monday morning she wishes if Saturday could return the very next day. She has been noticed that late coming to office was rising day by day which was quite rare when she started her job. These changes care cause not giving any interest in work and the duty feels like a weight to finish.  

It’s definitely, time for a change when constant efforts to concentrate on improving daily challenges get failed. Instead of moving ahead, people procrastinate actual change. You might have experienced mood swings the minute you enter into the office. Or you stopped worrying about the consequences of your mistakes and unfit to meet the deadline. If you are handling these conditions you landed up on the right page to find out the reasons (all or one of these) which you could relate to taking the next step for a better career option. 

  1. A Learner’s spirit withdraws from you. If you feel you know everything your job has to offer it and you withdraw your attention to learn from your task and mistakes, your job is not giving you any insight and not helping you to improve skills. In this case, you should think to make a change in your job. There is no reason to stay in a job where you no longer learning any experience and knowledge you put to use. You avoid taking challenges at work push you to leave your task in the middle of nowhere. When the comfort zone becomes your friend and things out of your comfort zone weigh you down it means you are giving your below-average efforts to your job.
  2. You are not Rewarded and Appreciated at the workplace.  Many people have experienced demotivation in the workplace when their work is not noticed by managers. Employees get satisfaction after accomplishing something however, it keeps them going with their work only if they feel safe in the eye of their managers for noticing and appreciation for their work. In the workplace, everyone wants a feeling of knowing and see the efforts they put in the task. Rewards, recognition, bonuses, promotions, increment all lead to inspire employees and arouse a feeling of belongingness with the company as their valuable asset. If you are not receiving any of them you get unexcited.
  3. Growth opportunity stops. After serving and contributing your hard work for a company for a long duration you find no possibility to grow in the current position you are stopping yourself for great opportunity by letting yourself stick with the job. Numerous opportunities prevail for potential people in the market. You need to take some time for the evaluation of things that will bring up a good result in the future.
  4. Your job does not excite you.  The reason you feel tired at the start of your day to work is you no longer feel connected to your work and no longer excited to do what your work has to offer. Your routine task seems boring to you or you find your work environment monotonous that you peace in its absence. No success is possible in a work done half-way for a company and for your team. It indicates that you no longer could bring out the positive and fruitful results for the company and for your team if you are not excited about your job and career. 
  5. Insufficient Money. Money is essential and hard to speak about it with authorities. Well, just money is not enough reasons to quit a job or career as it totally depends on the other different reasons. However, money is a reason to leave if what you being paid for is not enough for what you deserve to be paid. The company pays for employee’s experience, knowledge, and time. If you feel unpromoted after a prolonged period in an organization, you should take the next step for a good reason to be valued for in monetary terms. 
  6. You look for the extra.  The call for having extra counts to learn more, to be challenged, valued, to grow, to earn, and to be inspired in what you do. To want more gears up all former reasons to think upon for a new change. An important reason to change your career when you feel to have more from your job altogether for a better place to be.

Conclusion: Making a switch to a career is not easy and it takes lots of time and patience. A career change requires lots of research, evaluations, and work to get started. If you find most of the signs or all of them experiencing often it might turn out that its time to re-think and rethink and make sure you make the right career change.

Why is it necessary? Though the change in your career is scary and hard. You end up walking in an uncomfortable and unsafe space is harder if you take no step. Ensure very well with yourself that all previous negative outcomes become positive with a career change. A change in a career where you feel challenged and excited to work, learn more and see growth prospects in future, Earn enough money a perk which you deserve against your contribution and more important that you enjoy what you do for a living.

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Know more about Author: Rupali Holkar

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