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Why Java is the best programming language?

Learn why Java can is most favorite programming language among new learners and developers along with how you can become certified Java Expert.


Students pursuing computer science know the need to learn Java programming language Java is a crucial subject and students learn Java with dedication. Java language is usually the most favorite subject of students. In the school curriculum, students are well known for the programming language C and C++ thus, it’s familiar for them to learn Java features. The reason Java is a popular programming language is it has an independent platform than other programming languages. Java is a high-level programming language. Originally developed by Sun Microsystems which released in 1995. A variety of platforms such as Windows, Mac OS, other versions of UNIX helps Java language to run independently. 


Java is a general-purpose computer programming language. Java program can run on a computer with the installation of Java Run Environment, also known as JRE. JRE is available on every type of computer even on cell phones. Among developers, Java is the first preferred programming language and more than three billion devices run on Java as per the survey by Oracle. Java is such a unique language that all android and mobile applications and computer applications are built on Java. Some of the features of Java are:


  • Java has a simple syntax that is why it is very simple to learn this programming language.
  • Java is object-oriented and supports various OOP features like inheritance, abstractions, encapsulations, polymorphism. 
  • The reason bytecode can be carried over to any platform it is portable and known for its portability. 
  • In java, source code is compiled into bytecode which gives it a unique feature platform-independent. 
  • Java has no pointers; it has bytecode verifier programs and has a class loader that makes java secure language. 
  • Java has a neutral architecture that can run on any computer architecture as in Java code is compiled into bytecode.
  • During runtime java architecture is adapted to reduce overhead. Bytecode generation makes it a high-performance feature than any other language.
  • Java can be linked to new class libraries, objects, and methods dynamically. It supports functions from C and C++ which makes it a dynamic programming language.
  • With Java distributed applications with RMI and EJB can be created. 
  • Multiple tasks can be handled simultaneously with improved user experience and productivity. 


Some of the applications of Java are:

Mobile applications and android applications

Desktop applications

Enterprise applications

Middleware products

Embedded systems

Web server and application server

Scientific applications

E-Commerce applications

Desktop GUI applications


Java Certifications:


Following are the Java certifications which any person having an interest in Java programming language and wants to become certified Java professional can attain. Below sequence of certificates is as such that person cannot give Oracle Professionals Java Programmer exam without passing Oracle Certified Associate first. In the same manner, one has to qualified with the Oracle Professionals Java Programmer exam to give an exam for Oracle Master. Most Oracle certified exams cost 245$ and Rs.18,407 in India.


There are three types of Oracle Java Certifications mainly:

  • Oracle Certified Associate – This exam has 70 numbers of questions. Duration of the exam is 120 minutes and the passing score is 63%
  • Oracle Certified Professionals Java Programmer – This exam has 90 numbers of questions. Duration of the exam is 150 minutes and the passing score is 65%
  • Oracle Certified Master – Duration to pursue this exam is six months from assignment purchase. The passing score is subject to the validation of assignment percent.


Competition in the market is tough to secure a job without verified Java certifications. Java certifications are the investment in yourself for a better career in the future. Oracle Java certification gives a person edge over the other candidates in terms of resume shortlist process or during the interview process.


Moving down, you will find the reasons why every computer science graduate should learn Java.


  1. Java is easy to learn– Java is a language that can be learned in a short duration and makes it easy to learn due to the simple syntax which is similar to English.
  2. High in salary- Java is used by 9 billion developers across the world and it is used and run on more than 3 billion devises which makes it more in demand worldwide. Java developers are high paying employees in technology companies for its growing demand and popularity. 
  3. Java is open-source- Software Developers love free and open source to work on. An open-source programming language provides Java to run on an independent platform across the OS environment. For instance, JDLK is a free and open-source implementation of Java language.
  4. Abounding APIs- With abundant constructing applications, Java is the reason for its success as it is rich in Application Programming Interface.
  5. Powerful development tool- Java has a powerful development tool to facilitate software development such as Intelli J Idea, Eclipse, etc. Programmers use development tools for syntax highlighting, debugging, code completion, language support, etc. making it easier to code.
  6. No cost involves- The reason programmers’ favorite programming language is Java because it is free of cost and enables them for development for free. For companies.
  7. Extensive usage- By scalability and resistance, Java is a universal language found on large scale applications, mobile or desktop including in the field of Internet of Things.
  8. Great documentation support- Java developers can use a documentation generator called Javadoc enabling developers for references while coding in Java language. Javadoc is excellent for documentation support.
  9. Online source availability- A great benefit to choosing Java language is plentiful resources are available online to learn the process of Java. You will find both paid and free resources depending on individual needs. Besides, any doubts related to Java can be found on an online forum.
  10. Great demand in the market- Java has a large set of installation base in tech companies. Also due to its universal usage over other programming languages and with the popularity of Android in applications Java allows lots of job opportunities in tech companies.


Conclusion: There are multiple reasons to conclude why Java is a popular, versatile, and developer-friendly programming language. New graduates keen to learn programming language opts for Java as it is easy to learn and can be run on an independent platform. To secure a career in the tech industry Java is suitable for all those who are interested in working with programming languages along with heavy paychecks. With its wide variety of reasons and usage across worldwide Java is considered the best programming language for programmers around the globe.


For new learners, it is advised to learn and get expertise in Java language with its evolving features vital elements to make a fruitful software product and applications.

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