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Tell me something about yourself !’ How important is this question?

Tell me something about yourself !’ How important is this question?

This is the question that kick-starts almost every interview on this earth and ironically also the question which is least prepared too!

The significance of this question is incredible. Answering this question does a lot of work for you. Here are some of them mentioned.

  • Warm up

○ This question works like an icebreaker. Giving interviewees a chance to speak about his/her own story helps them open up and be comfortable for the conversation.

  • It’s a soft ball

○ This question is such an open ended question. A cut short answer to this question is such an injustice to the golden opportunity. Frame the answer to this question very wisely. Speak about everything that shows different positive aspects of your personality.

  • Directs the interview

○ Most of the interviews are generally conducted in a hybrid model. (A hybrid model is a Combination of a few fixed and a few spontaneous questions asked.

○ And most of the spontaneous questions are derived from and based on the answer to this question.

○ So make sure that you implant all those pointers on which you want to be asked and speak mpre.

  • Gives insight of your personality

○ This is the most frequently asked question that allows you to speak about your personality, achievements and strengths and lay a strong ground for your interview.

○ So make sure you incorporate every positive and strong aspect related to your life, career or personality in this question’s answer. So right from

  • warming up,
  • prompting the spontaneous questions,
  • deciding the direction of your interview,
  • presenting your personality and
  • laying a firm ground for the same

In essence, the question ‘Tell me something about yourself’ plays a vital role in every interview and it would be very irrational to go for the interview wishing to get selected and not going unprepared for this question.

Wish you all the best for your careers!

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