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Powerful Personality Adjectives for ‘Tell me something about yourself’

Tell me something about yourself’ : The sentence that starts most of the interviews and also decides the fate of it.

This question is basically brilliant and most probably the only opportunity to present your personality in a powerful way. However a lot of interviewees squander this opportunity by not describing their personalities and achievements to their best.

All you need to excel at this question’s answer is

  • Analysis of yourself
  • Formulated and finalised content and
  • The right set of words.

In this article we are going to provide you with some categorised set of brilliant words

which can definitely help you in describing yourself in a concise way.

  1. Leader
  2. Decision maker /Decisive
  • You can make thoughtful and embracing decisions without hesitation.
  1. Motivator
  • You can motivate people with your actions and words.
  1. Persuasive/convincing
  • You can make others believe in something.
  1. Collaborative
  • You can work with people.
  1. Open minded
  • You don’t carry any prejudices about people before working with them .
  1. Performer
  2. Diligent
  • You do your work in a detailed and careful way.
  1. Procedural
  • You believe in procedures and work in a systematic way.
  1. Perfectionist
  • You perform every task perfectly.
  1. Resourceful
  • You adapt well to new or difficult situations and think creatively.
  1. Proactive
  • you make things happen, instead of waiting for them to  happen to you.
  1. Hardworking
  • You put in a lot of hardwork and dedication in your tasks.
  1. Organised
  • You plan things carefully and keep things tidy
  1. Communicator
  2. Articulate
  • You can clearly express your thoughts and ideas.
  1. Eloquent
  • You can express well and convince people on your opinion
  1. Linguaphile
  • You know and love to learn many languages.
  1. Polyglot
  • You know multiple languages.
  1. Team player
  2. Gregarious
  • You are very social and enjoy being in a crowd.
  1. Considerate
  • You care for others before speaking or doing anything.
  1. social/extrovert
  • You like to mingle with people.
  1. sympathetic/empathetic.
  • You understand other’s emotions, feelings and situations.
  1. Motivated and energetic
  2. Self Motivated
  • You encourage and push yourself to do better.
  1. Self disciplined
  • You can control yourself, develop habits and follow them rigorously towards your commitments.
  1. Enthusiastic
  • eager and excited for things.
  1. Optimistic
  • You think positive
  1. Solution Oriented
  • You focus more on the solution part of the problem.
  1. courageous/ adventurous
  • You are not afraid to explore new things.
  1. Brilliant and artistic
  2. Quick learner
  • You learn and absorb new things quickly.
  1. Resourceful
  • You are good at finding creative solutions for problems in available resources.
  1. Analytical/Logical
  • You think, decide and act based on analysis.
  1. Creative/innovative
  • You can think differently and develop original ideas.

Every person is a unique combination of tremendous potential and numerous qualities, what lacks is the realisation and powerful presentation.

So get ready for the analysis and prepare like a pro for this important event in your career.

Wish you all the best

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