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Success Story of Niketan Dalvi

The success story of a farmer to an IT professional

I am a production engineer from Satara, who used to work hard on a farm while trying to get a breakthrough in the IT field. I belong to a farmer’s family, so I didn’t have enough funds to provide for my education. I completed my production engineering degree by working as a cattleman and farmer. I tried to prepare for government exams and also appeared for the PSI exam but did not get selected. My brother, who works in IT, suggested that I should change my field of career and prepare for an IT job. I came to know about Salesforce and Premium Learnings Systems, so I registered for a demo session. Then I got to know that having a laptop is compulsory and you can’t change the machine once you register for the course(C

.A.P.). So I worked hard to manage funds for course fees and a new laptop. I decided to manage funds for my requirements on my own and started working hard for them. I was not able to register early due to this issue but I registered for the course as soon as I bought a laptop and had enough money to pay the course fees. 

Niketan Dalvi went from being a farmer to a Salesforce Executive.

As I started the course I had many doubts and asked them in the doubt community. Sudhanshu sir even scolded me for having such silly doubts but that didn’t stop me. I kept asking until the doubt was cleared for me. Salesforce, I found it hard at first but sir advised me that I should work hard and practice, again and again only then I will get it right. I followed this tip and eventually started finding the course easy. I sometimes even missed the live lectures because of my work on the farm so I took a gap and started studying again. This period was very tough for me but I was determined to do it no matter what!

Then placements happened and I was failing interview after interview—Sometimes due to difficult interview questions or lack of communication skills or due to demotivation from all these failures. I talked to sir and he told me that everyone faces failures but you should not give up because of it. This motivated me and I started working hard for interviews again. Slowly my interview skills were improved and finally, I got selected for the position of management trainee.

There were so many obstacles—financial problems, non-IT background, lack of interview skills and so on. But through dedication and determination, I succeeded in getting a job in the IT field. My passion for my career goal was a key factor in my success. I want to learn more about Salesforce and grow in this field.

My message for IT aspirants is that if a farmer like me can do it then so can you—don’t give up too soon, your journey has just started!

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