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Success Story of Aruna Mulik

Achieved success after many career ups and downs.

I was a 2008 pass out but due to the recession didn’t get a job in IT. I started working in an organization which was different from my field of interest. I changed jobs, worked as a lecturer in an engineering college, and took a break due to marriage and family issues in 2017. All this lead to a loss of self-confidence and hope for a future.

Then in an attempt for a comeback, I decided to upgrade my skills. I joined a course in software testing but didn’t get any interview opportunities. Later, heard about Salesforce and decided to pursue it because it is a new and in-demand skill. A friend suggested talking to Sudhanshu sir and that was a turning point in my life. Talking to him motivated me to join Premium Learning Systems and dedicate myself to being proficient in Salesforce.

My interest in coding made my journey more fulfilling and completing C.A.P became an end goal to achieve my dream job. But still, something was missing. I was not confident about my interview skills. So when the interview skills session was announced, I registered for it immediately. I received valuable training and guidance from sir and our trainer which helped me improve a lot. From my first mock interview to the last— I was able to see the difference!

I used to watch all the training videos in my free time too. And I followed all the important tips sir gave to excel in the interviews. All this helped me land my dream job in Aethereus in Baner, Pune. Now I work as a system engineer and I want to work hard and give my 100% for it. My key to success was never missing a session and following all of sir’s tips. Sudhanshu sir always advised all the students that they should work hard without any excuses. This has inspired me to work hard all through the duration of C.A.P.

My advice to other IT job aspirants is that self-confidence is like a power you have to gain and if you believe in yourself then the whole world will believe you. If you want to achieve success even in tough times then be sincere and work hard for it.

Success is yours!

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