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Digital Marketing Career Opportunities in India in the Next 5 Years


Digital marketing is becoming increasingly popular these days because of its capacity to greatly increase the potential of businesses.
There is an exponential increase in interest to have a career in digital marketing in India If you are interested in learning more about the job choices in digital marketing. Then you are in the right place! With this blog, we will not only resolve all of your concerns and questions about a career in digital marketing, but it will also offer important details and guidance on how to succeed as a digital marketer in India. Digital marketing is becoming increasingly popular these days because of its capacity to greatly increase the potential of businesses. It also assures that both newcomers and seasoned professionals will have career advancement in the future. In the post-covid world, it has gained more popularity as people were locked in their homes and preferred doing business and its promotion online. Though Covid-19 was a major contributor to the financial disaster that many businesses experienced, it also cleared the way for digital marketing channels to take control of the marketing and advertising industries. Despite the challenging economic climate, E-commerce leader Amazon has proved to be more profitable, with its stock AMZN hitting record highs. Digital marketing is resistant to the COVID-19 social distancing effects, and it is also filled with analytics you can use to measure every action you take, simplify the processes, and optimise them so they have the maximum positive impact on your KPIs

What is Digital Marketing?

  The online promotion of any given brand and its products and services is referred to as digital marketing. Mobiles and other such devices can be utilised which makes them more compatible and easy to access. We are all aware that businesses nowadays confront a common problem. It’s difficult to capture the interest of the audience and their target audience. Hence, the relevance of digital marketing is growing daily. scope and requirement of digital marketing in India As the world becomes more technologically advanced, the demand for digital marketing is increasing day by day. It is essential to better understand digital marketing to implement it on a larger scale. Businesses are realising this, and brands are putting a lot of effort into learning how to leverage digital marketing to their advantage. Digital marketing has a broad range of uses for marketing purposes, and it is a platform that works well for corporate branding and advertising. As all age groups are active on digital platforms, reaching target audiences and promoting your brand becomes very simple. Based on the statistics given below, we want to inform aspiring professionals about the digital marketing field and its potential. You can learn about the extent of digital marketing in India as you understand how crucial it is for financial and career growth. In 2015, the digital advertising business in India was estimated to be worth over 47 billion dollars. It increased to INR 116.3 in 2018 and INR 199 billion in the 2020 fiscal year. Overall digital marketing statistics By 2024, a massive increase in digital marketing would make it even more popular and generate a market worth up to INR 539 billion. This is the current prediction from Statista. Digital media is predicted to expand at a CAGR(Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 22.4% to reach INR 23,673 crores by 2022, according to certain other trends. Click to know more Additionally, the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) research shows that the digital economy will provide 60–65 million new employment opportunities by 2025 and have the ability to boost productivity. These numbers demonstrate that a sizable sum of money is being invested across all digital mediums. As a result, digital marketing efforts are heavily utilised for various purposes. The industry needs qualified digital marketing professionals to carry out all the tasks proficiently. These encouraging statistical figures show that a digital marketing job that is inspirational can also help one grow financially while providing credible marketing solutions online. Without a doubt, digital marketing is flourishing in the most wonderful places on the planet and not just in India. We are all aware that our nation is transitioning to a digital economy, and that marketing strategies have changed according to it. India has a considerably large youth population, and social media is becoming a part of their everyday life as well. As a result, it is simple and more advantageous to target the Indian market using digital marketing and social media platforms. With the Prime Minister of India’s “Digital India” plan, more and more employers are seeking the skilled youth to make this program successful. The potential of digital marketing in India has grown due to recent innovations which add to the benefits of digital marketing. Career growth in Digital Marketing Digital Marketing Career Opportunities in India 2022 Digital marketing is developing quickly, and employment in this field is booming. These days, there are many employment opportunities in digital marketing. According to the job portal, there are around 168599 open positions in the field of digital marketing. There are certainly plenty of jobs available in India. So choosing a job in digital marketing is a choice you can make to secure your future. Is a job in digital marketing a suitable fit for Indian job seekers? The hefty income packages and chances of tremendous professional advancement are two of the most important considerations for making career decisions. Here, it’s very important to realise that individuals who choose a job in digital marketing benefit from a greater compensation package than those who choose other career paths.

The general range of salary for digital marketing is given below:

Senior positions at high-growth companies may pay more than INR 1 crore annually for Digital Marketing Experts with superior educational credentials (like IIT/IIM) or professional experience.
  • A fresher to experienced professional with a year of professional experience can get a digital marketing executive job and salary up to 1.5-4.0 lacs annually.
  • Digital marketing professionals with 1-3 yrs. of experience can earn up to 2.0-6.0 lacs annually for a digital marketing specialist position.
  • A digital marketing team lead with 2-4 yrs. of professional experience can earn up to 3-7 lacs annually.
  • Digital marketing strategist with 3-5 yrs. of professional experience can earn from 4-10 lacs annually.
  • Whereas, a digital marketing head with an extensive professional experience of 5-10 yrs. can earn up to 10-30 lacs.
Hence, working as a digital marketing professional promises tremendous career as well as financial growth.


Who can get a job in digital marketing

People with specific topic interests have a variety of employment opportunities in the digital marketing sector. It offers something to everyone in one way or another. For instance, if social media is a person’s passion and affection, they can decide to specialise in social media marketing. On the other hand, being a web developer is the greatest choice for a techie who is fascinated by code. People that are drawn to the creative industries have several options available to them. For individuals who are good writers, content creation might be a good choice. A job in graphic design is the perfect option for someone who enjoys working on designing tools. Data analysts can be someone with analytical brains. If you belong to the following educational or professional background then you can opt for a digital marketing job:
  • Marketing, branding, sales professionals or businessmen wishing to further their careers
  • Traditional marketers who are actively enhancing their digital marketing capabilities.
  • Entrepreneurs eager to increase their business’s profitability
  • Freshers
  • career switchers
  • YouTubers
  • IT professionals
You must have earned your degree (10+2+3) or it is equivalent from a university or other educational institution that has been approved by organizations that maintain higher education standards in order to enrol in any digital marketing certificate program or course. Some courses are exclusively open to professionals or interns, not to new students or recent graduates. To enrol in such courses, you must have a minimum of two years of work experience. This criterion isn’t necessary for MBA graduates. 

Skills needed to get a digital marketing executive job

  • Analytics
To stay up-to-date with online marketing, you must have a basic knowledge of Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools. You should be able to use these tools to make data-driven decisions. For you to give practical insight into your company’s new projects, you must be aware of things like traffic, sessions, conversions, engagement, site load speed, etc. Knowledge of customer relationship management (CRM) platforms like Salesforce and Hubspot, as well as experience with email marketing tools like MailChimp or SendGrid, will be particularly helpful.
  • SEO and SEM
SEO refers to techniques that help in boosting a company’s or brand’s online presence and improve a website’s ranking on search engine result sites like Google in order to raise awareness, boost exposure, and eventually increase conversion rates. You must be able to utilise SEO tools like Ahrefs, Moz, and SEMrush, among others, to research relevant keywords, examine backlinks to your pages, find similar keywords, and assess the effectiveness of your rivals’ sites.
  • Copywriting
One of the fundamental digital marketing skills is copywriting. Knowing how to create intriguing, interesting, and readable content is extremely essential if you want to succeed as a marketer. Many people think that this is something that cannot be learnt, but if you put in the effort, you can excel at it. The capacity to produce content is an important talent for digital marketers, whether they are blogging, sending emails, or writing for their website or an ebook.
  • Content marketing
Creating a successful campaign requires a grasp of social media marketing and content marketing concepts. Consumers today yearn for relevant, inspirational content that tackles their most pressing issues. You must thus educate yourself on the fundamentals of social media and content marketing. Producing interesting content and starting meaningful conversations with a particular audience across a number of relevant topics is essential to promoting a brand online. Top career opportunities in Digital Marketing Manager (Digital Marketing) A digital marketing manager plans and implements a company’s online presence. They effectively raise sales by promoting a brand’s products and services. The duties of the manager of digital marketing are as follows:
  1. Directing the marketing team
  2. Reporting to the head or VP
  3. Planning digital marketing events and campaigns
  4. Optimization for search engine.
SEO executive A search engine optimization executive works with SEO. He/ she assesses, evaluates, and optimises websites using practical SEO methods. An SEO expert’s talent is creating content with relevant and uplifting keywords to increase website traffic. SEO executives must be in touch with the most recent trends and modifications in search engines. Marketer (Social media) Managing a brand’s online presence on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, etc. is called social media marketing. A specialist who can develop and put into action a social media strategy for a company is a social media marketer. A social media marketer accomplishes the following:
  1. Builds content in accordance with a plan
  2. Track the analytics for reach, likes, and impressions after publishing the content.

Search engine marketing executive

The sponsored advertisements that appear on search engines are managed by specialists in search engine marketing. A person with analytical abilities can pick this profession. Experts in SEM use the following techniques: Advertising budgets
  1. Targeting
  2. Bidding
  3. Producing amazing web copies


Content marketing professional

The king of digital media is content. Producing content for the internet is essential for the job of content marketing. A content marketer has to work on the following type of content:
  1. Videos, articles, blogs, and newsletters sent through email
  2. Content on social media
Additional job options in digital marketing include:
  1. Email marketer
  2. Virtual and augmented reality content developer
  3. SEO specialists and automation specialists for voice assistants
  4. Web developer, data analyst, specialist in paid media, etc.
How to build a successful career in digital marketing in India? To start a career in digital marketing, adhere to the following 10 steps:
  1. Become familiar with the basics of digital marketing
  2. Launch a personal website
  3. Focus on SEO
  4. Obtain a Google Ads accreditation.
  5. Learn about Facebook’s advertising.
  6. Have in-depth knowledge of Google Analytics
  7. Become a digital marketing freelancer
  8. Secure excellent internship opportunities.
  9. Acquire knowledge of every digital marketing strategy and tool.
  10. Keep up with the most recent developments in digital marketing
Starting a career in digital marketing is pretty straightforward. The steps listed below can help you launch a lucrative career in digital marketing:
  • Enroll in a course on digital marketing
You can learn most about digital marketing by having some technical knowledge, being able to communicate, and calculating the effects of campaigns. You can enroll in both online and offline classes to start learning digital marketing.
  • Obtain experience and knowledge via internships
A paid internship is very important for getting professional experience. It helps you understand more about how actual digital marketing is applied in the practical world, which is important.
  • Put some work into your portfolio
A person has to keep track of all their digital marketing activities in a portfolio. Everything matters, including impressions, likes, rankings, and engagement rates.
  • Establishing a strong web presence
In order to succeed in digital marketing, one must establish a unique brand. Building a strong résumé to benefit from the potential of digital marketing in 2022 The resume is the most important step in the process of obtaining a dream job position in digital marketing. All pertinent experiences in the desired field must be included in the CV.
  • Obtaining the greatest job position
With the aforementioned factors in place, one can get a career in digital marketing with a good salary for sure. What is digital marketing’s future?
  • Since it has been proved how significant the effects of digital marketing are and it can be very useful in the future too, everyone is eager to know what the future holds for those who will use its fantastic marketing tactics.
  • Nowadays businesses use digital platforms to engage with both present and potential customers, including social media, search engines, email, and websites.
  • In order to keep up with the most recent developments in digital marketing, businesses are eager to jump on board and try them.
  • You are all aware that the most popular kind of marketing is digital.
  • Fewer individuals employ traditional marketing strategies, and more businesses are making investments in the internet marketing world.
  • The Internet continues to develop throughout the years, especially with the advent of Covid.
  • People are adjusting to the new normal and are now extremely at ease while doing things online, whether it be for shopping, buying food or medications, or even doing their banking procedures.
  • Digital marketing is therefore very necessary to meet these newly developed customer needs.
  • As a result, one of the best and most profitable trends for the future can be said to be digital marketing.
  • There have been recent advancements in the world as a result of technological improvement.
  • One of the trends that have exploded in the marketing industry is artificial intelligence.
  • Businesses and brands can now know precisely what they want due to artificial intelligence.
  • This has helped in the expansion of the reach for digital marketing globally as well.
  • With the use of artificial intelligence, this field can soon make some significant advancements around the globe.
  • Another new development is the availability of voice search for smartphones and other devices, which is a recent development.
  • Customers now don’t have to input the information or items they wish to buy manually.
  • Certainly, this has been beneficial in many advancements in the area of digital marketing.
  • These businesses will be well-equipped to meet the demands of the people as they become more knowledgeable about their wants and needs.
  • The best approach possible might also be used to boost digital marketing initiatives.
  • All of that seems to expand the potential of digital marketing in the future, right?
  • In addition to the abundance of employment options for this field, the workplace is flexible.
  • A fundamental set of abilities and resources is required for gaining professional expertise.
  • The important aspect is that it is expanding into new, inventive, and diverse industries, whether it be executive positions, influencer roles, YouTuber roles, or roles as SEO analysts of any kind.
  • The potential of digital marketing is huge, with numbers and success rates, not only because it boosts employment rates but also because the job profiles are well-paid, which helps in the growth of our nation’s economy.
To wrap it up, We have covered all there is to know about the reach of digital marketing. We have already discussed how crucial this great development is for modern internet-based enterprises. We have also explained why it’s important to attempt to use digital marketing strategies for internet-based organizations and traditionally run companies. It is one of the finest use of media and technology which has helped improve employment rates. As a result, the reach of digital marketing is no longer limited to internet-based businesses. There is a need to learn digital marketing and develop abilities due to the increasing demand and the necessity for digital marketing globally. The fact that the next generation will grow up in a digital age and be accustomed to everything being online is a key factor to take into account. Therefore, businesses need to start using digital marketing strategies if they want to serve these potential customers. An essential lesson to be learned from all of this is that job profiles in digital marketing have a very bright future, and if you have an interest in the field then now is the time to seize this opportunity and make the most of it. Without a doubt, the requirement for digital marketing is at an all-time high and will continue to rise in the years to come. So you can choose digital marketing to build a successful career in the fastest-growing marketing field. You can also read our blog on why Digital Marketing is important for Small Business. If you wish to learn more about Digital Marketing you can join our Online Course.   Keep Learning :
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