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5 myths about interviews knocked down !

Interviews are an inevitable and incredibly important phase of everyone’s career. Though it is just a professional conversation to decide the potential of one’s candidature it surely is looked after as the most frightening event by many.

In this article we will be discussing and disproving some myths which have been created and passed on to the generations.

  1. Interviewers want only scholars and toppers.
  • Many candidates are discouraged in the interviews for their academic scores.
  • Though these scores play an important role, that is not all they look for.
  • The basic requirement of every interviewer is that the candidate should be smart, motivated and must have the right attitude.
  • Every company and projects within that demands a different technical skill set.
  1. A motivated candidate would want to learn that
  2. With his smartness he will be able to learn and cope up

iii. and the right attitude will help him and the company grow in a positive way.

  1. Constantly talking is communicating
  • Some think speaking constantly in the interview means communicating effectively.
  • However, overtalking, beating around the bush or rambling militate against your chances of selection.
  • Speaking concisely and to the point is something that hits the right.
  • Preparation helps in speaking concisely for it gives you an overall idea about what you want to speak and saves your runtime thought process, rambling and missing important points.
  1. First impression is the last impression
  • Many believe mistakes made in the initial phase of the interviews confirms your rejections.
  • However interviewers are not so quick to judge. They will also take time to confirm their observation as they are aware that fear of interview makes people uncomfortable.
  • Allow yourself to rebuild the confidence and pace by turning off this thought that the first impression is the last impression.
  1. Being pro at English is enough. English is all that they need.
  • The importance of English as a business communication language is undebatable.
  • However just the fact that one is not extremely fluent, pro at pronunciations demoralise many.
  • Here is the truth: Speaking Grxammatically correct is a must! If you can’t start working on it. It’s easy and doable.
  • However, if anything else bothers you about English, don’t give it a damn.
  • English is meant to express your talent, not the measure of it.
  1. It’s okay to lie/fake.
  • Above anything else what matters is the attitude of a candidate.
  • Because that is what ensures the loyalty, behaviour dedication and performance of the candidate in the long run.
  • Hence Failing to meet some requirements is okay but lying about it is not okay at all.
  • Interviewers are experts at reading people and if they find out that you are lying, your talent and potential are sidelined by the trust issue created.
  • In essence, give your best with what you have rather than being boastful for what you do not.

In sense, Interview is nothing but a two way professional conversation to check the compatibility of a candidate and profile.

And you can definitely take it to the next level by exuding confidence and transparency throughout .

Wish you all the best for your bright career!

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