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Learn a PREMIUM SKILL before its too late.

learn a PREMIUM SKILL, before its too late.

“I have 11 years of experience and lost my job. I dont know what went wrong, the projects were doing fine, I was doing my job well”

“Sir, I’ve heard that lots of people will be loosing their jobs due to automation and the trump effect ?”

People come to me with such questions during their training or career counselling sessions. I want to share some quick insights about the job scenario in next few years, its my thought, unbiased, based on my experience with all the corporates I have worked so far.

  1. People are not fired because of aptitude but attitude : Most of the employees with 10 plus years of experience who are working in big corporate houses want to grow but don’t want to acquire a skill set. They only skill set they want to pursue is micromanagement which leads to disasters in later stages. Specially in process oriented companies where there are more than hundred thousand employees, high end managers want to hide themselves behind processes, graphs and figures which can be generated. They don’t want to create , they just want to just survive.
  2. Growth Creation : If you need to grow professionally you need to create growth for others as well, specially for your employers. Its a very simple statement but a powerful one. Many senior employees I see now a days are more focussed in looking for personal growth opportunities rather than creating growth for their organization/ team.
  3. Talent Vs Skill : Some of the highly talented employees whom I have met in the initial phase of my career are highly frustrated , specially the ones who had focussed on their talent, their built in IQ levels, rather than acquiring a PREMIUM SKILL. After some time in your professional life one who has the skill wins the game and talent without a skill does not last long.
  4. Number of years don’t matter anymore : We have access to every possible information, I mean everything from figures, facts, algorithms, trends, data, metadata and whatnot. So your numbers of experience (only) does not matters. What matters is the experience with vision and skill to implement your vision.Vision is a backbone of Leadership and is not possible without a skill set in the initial stages.So, my dear friend if you have worked on something which is not in demand(now) for 10 years, its high time now.
  5. Are you replaceable ? At the end, this is the only question which comes into the mind of the employer. Ordinary employees are always replaceable but extraordinary are never. Add the EXTRA in your profile by learning something premium.
What is a PREMIUM SKILL ? Any skill which is very high in demand in the market but low in supply. If you talk about current trend of technologies , we can say Data Science, Salesforce, Pega, IOT are all PREMIUM SKILLS.

So. learn a PREMIUM SKILL, before its too late.


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