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Are you the most hated Manager in your Organization ? Its high time now.

Are you the most hated Manager in your Organization ? Its high time now. You are surely going to hate me for this, to make you self realise, this one truth which you are denying since ages.

“Huhh, let them hate me. Who cares! At least they fear me and I will get the work done.”

Its not the case anymore. You have a competitor who is ready to hire your quality resources.And he will for sure if he will get a small hint from somewhere that they don’t like their boss.

Employees quit their managers not their companies.

Work on below five points if need to retain your resources, and increase their productivity (without being hated):

  1. Stop Micro management : You don’t have to ask the status of a project every hour if its not that important. ( Believe me, I have met such managers who had done this to me)
  2. Plan A and Plan B : Hope for the best but plan for the worst. You should always have your plan B ready along with Plan A. Don’t be in a disaster management mode always.
  3. Rewards and recognitions : Sometimes rewards are more important than awards( note). Make periodic recognitions to people and teams.
  4. Share credit : Good managers give credit to their teams.
  5. Stop the ‘Divide and Rule’ politics : Its the biggest threat to any organization. It kills the team spirit. Make sure the team works as a productive unit.

And above all, don’t always try to PROVE, just try to IMPROVE.

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