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Every Recruiter’s Dream : 100% Utilizable resource from day 1

Every Recruiter’s Dream : 100% Utilizable resource from day 1 .“I hired 30 fresh graduates, 3 months down the line we’ve been training them on technologies and soft skills. I am still not sure if they are all set

Looks like we need to keep them on shadow for some more time”

“We don’t pay freshers for first 3 months, because we are also not sure whether they are employable in a project or not. Client want a super coder who can work like a pro, but even by our project based trainings it takes them about an year to evolve as a professional”

“We don’t hire freshers at all now. Its a big headache to deal with them. First train them for 3-4 months, then put them in projects, it takes almost a year to make them billable.We now hire one year experienced resources, atleast they are utilizable from day one, most of them”

All my friends in startups, recruitment firms, and project managers have the same thought about freshers. Its not their fault, the education system specially engineeers who join the IT firms have no idea what they will be doing in their jobs, nor they are trained enough to handle the pressure, neither they are competent enough to fulfil the deadlines of this job.Result, they end up working late to fulfil deadlines, gets frustrated, not passionate about the job, and at the end monetary growth is the only growth they are looking for.

So whats the solution ?


Being a teacher for more than 15 years now, it really hit my mind that in a country like India, why can’t we train fresh graduates in such a way that they are 100% employable and utilizable from the day they join.

I started creating a format of this training workshop , which I now call my ‘Premium Super 30’ , a group of 30 Ninja resources who can overshadow a one year experienced professional easily. I started talking about this training program with my friends and some of the managing directors I know personally and they showed a great response.The only question they asked is we are getting free resources to hire, students wont pay for the job consultancy but only training, that too for only 30 students a batch, what’s there for you then ? My answer is , this will change the way companies hire freshers, a huge amount of money, time and resources will be saved by organizations, specially HR managers, Team Leads and project managers.


How we will be doing this so called impossible task ?


  1. Programming basics : Basics needs to be taught again but approach should be more towards implementation than theory. Every topic we teach is followed by a high level case study, followed by reviews , followed by presentation.
  2. Project based training : Trainees will end up developing atleast 4 projects before they are eligible for the exit test , the final evaluation of the training.
  3. Personal attention and grooming : Each trainee is gifted and we would respect and recognise their ability to tackle problems in their own way followed with multiple one on one discussions and grooming sessions.
  4. Consultant Vs Developers : I always believe one should target to be a consultant than a developer, as developer is the one who is told by the client what to develop but consultant is the one who tells the client what needs to be developed and also participate in development.Our target is to create consultants in this training workshop.
  5. Trainer : Its the most important question. All our trainers are having huge amount of experience in training and development. They are all coming from corporates and are full time trainers who trains entry level professionals and green field trainings for MNCs.
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