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How does the post COVID-19 workplace look like?

Our leaders have changed the nature of work and workplace for their employee’s post COVID-19. Take a look on What wonder you will notice at your workplace.

Post lockdown every organization is changing priorities in response to the global crisis. COVID-19 has not only changed our lives abruptly but also functions and patterns of our work life at the workplace. Coronavirus impacted our lives with significant experience in society and the workplace. We all seek normal life and look forward to the end of the lockdown completely. Still it will take some time to recover from COVID-19 traumatic effects. For now, we have accepted this as a new normal in our lives. Similarly, we are now accepting the workplace changes as ‘new normal’.

COVID-19 has transformed the thoughts about work. Some workforce are still working remotely while some companies have started their operations with high priority on employee’s health and safety. Well-being the key and most significant factor while operating with employees’ offices. Office premises are prepared in such a way that primarily target the safety and security of employees from the spread of viruses. Companies are forced to create safe spaces, hygiene and wellness practices and principles for all workers. Employees are encouraged to avoid unnecessary contact, avoid shaking hands, social distancing in-premises, avoid touching face, and sanitize the work desk and many more practices.

It is the responsibility of company and employees to adhere to the safety parameters as per the guidelines by organizations, Government, WHO etc. Impactful changes in workforce strategies can add up in the recovery of global pandemic we are going through. After working from home, with small and big adjustments employees are working making their experience different in post COVID-19 pandemic as they used to work before. Whether we call it new normal, things are changing pretty differently for all workers, employees, leaders, and society.

One such example of taking high consideration of employee’s safety in the workplace and how employees are experiencing it working in Capgemini is that the company ensures predefined numbers of workforce to allow in office premises. A check on safety measures on returning to the office to assure employees about their wellbeing. All employees and visitors need to follow protocol including temperature screening, use of sanitizer and maintenance of social distance. An Apple CEO Tim Cook said that, “when workers go back to work, temperature checks and social distancing will likely be implemented”. These are some vital steps that many companies and factories are implementing. Initially offices are allowed to open with less than five percent of employee strength. Gradually this percentage will increase to 25-30% depending on the guidelines of government in next few weeks.

What most people don’t realize is that in offices with seating, desks, cabinets are prone to be dirtier than many restrooms. With a clean desk policy, the desks can actually be cleaned every night and are more sanitized. When it comes to washing and sanitizing their hands, policies should be such that they need to make it easier for employees to maintain proper hygiene. The hand sanitizer devices which we frequently see in hospitals now onwards can be seen commonly in corporate workplaces. When employees return from office work to home, an acknowledgment for them to improve sanitation and safety is primarily important to avoid virus spread. Limiting the need to touch things in the work space and reduce exposure to germs will be key areas of focus for corporate workplaces and factories. One major step for companies will be to label the “hot spots” for common activity would be an advantage for the employees and visitors helping them to find less crowded spaces to stay and work.

Working in a technology world will also create ease to deal with pandemic effect of COVID-19. Innovation is the solution to any problems. Many companies are way more advanced in creating user friendly application to avoid the direct contact of common devices in office premises and buildings. Not only technology comes with benefit in dealing with hand-free workspace but also engaging employee engagement activities also. With virtual working offices, use of digital tools are smart choices to maintain the productivity in workplaces as well as working remotely. In both the cases, employees are secured with prompt safety measures by organizations. 

The most challenging part employees and business leaders are facing is maintaining regular communication and employee engagement activities through virtual platforms. External hold and emotional support are equally important for the workforce during a changing environment. As responsible leaders, companies are also keeping a health and safety check on employee’s families. Also employers are also learning and implementing on employee engagement and employee motivation. What brought all this successful change is Leadership. Leadership is the most important behavior in tough times. Managing workforce in workplace requires empathy and right leadership quality to engage the mindset and culture of all employees altogether working under one roof. COVID-19 effect on workplaces and over society will remain until we discover vaccine. With utmost flexibility and adaptability business and corporate workplace are working together for safe experiences for all its workforces.

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