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6 basic Tips to Reduce Job Hunt Stress

If you are doing job hunt or want to switch job during pandemic crisis, being stressed out and overthinking is acceptable and common. Hopefully, these blog will help you to find solution.

Many young employees and experienced professionals have faced stress of job hunting once in their lifetime. But this time story turned out at global level when whole world is immersed with COVID-19 and lockdown it’s becoming more tough to handle invisible suffering. In recession of 2009, the unemployment rate has reached 19% that affected age group of 16 to 24, now those people would be between age of 26-34. This recession has bad impact on job market, income of individuals, small and medium enterprises and industries. Number of layoffs has increased and payroll decreased.

We all know, how we are all managing our financials wisely at the peak of global crises. Its common and natural that stress level of people have increased due to global economic pain. You must have gone through many articles on how to perform on successful job search like to make perfect resume or how to ace interview. Not getting your expectations come true number of times after enough efforts makes person upset. People respond to stress in a different way. Natural human tendency of overthinking and over emphasizing negativity on basic needs and financial crises leads to stress. Stress is thinking and emphasizing on things we don’t possess. Stress lit up when we assume others are doing well as compared to conditions we face. It creates more pain to your present thoughts.

  1. Its okay if first round doesn’t go well: People get themselves prepared for their first interview with the expectation to ace it. Yes, we do expect positive outcome but do not overthink too much on interview if you feel like it doesn’t go well as you expected. Don’t let the stress come out of too much expectations with company right away. Its totally okay and keep patience. Do not get discouraged. Do not stop applying to job openings even if you have been interviewed 4 to 6 times and found no calls from the employer. Do not lose hope and keep on hunting. Expectations leads to overthink that spin into stress.
  2. Meditation is key ingredient: If you are suffering from anxiety or feel dull whole day. Do remind yourself that its only your thoughts responding to your body. Through meditation you help your mind drift towards positive energy around you. Its difficult to do mediation in consistency when you are a beginner. But mediation is not a performance of one or three day. It’s a whole habit that help you keep away from stressful thoughts. There are many kinds of mediation. Find one that make you feel relaxed and gives you inner peace and happiness after you perform. Instead of closing your eyes and trying hard to think positive, try to be aware of your present environment by allowing progressive and positive thoughts about yourself, your career, your money and your future.
  3. Physical workout burns stress and build confidence: Workout do burns calories but also mental stress and anxiety. Even minimum 10 minutes of exercise maintain your mental and physical health and a great way to relieve stress. While job hunt practice regular exercise because it helps you to motivate and fill the gap of ‘loss of job’. High energy activities or cardio is a great way to boost your level of confidence every day. Regular exercise reduces harmful effects of stress. One of very simple yet effective exercise is walking or running.
  4. Avoid activities that are unimportant: You are on job hunt and in your free time are you sleeping too much, or watching TV very often, or are you procrastinate your vital routine. Then stop doing it more and realize it will create space in your mind of ‘overthinking’ things which is not reality. Drag yourself out from lethargic activities if you are home. Instead of watching TV for hours you can try online skill course. Instead of procrastinate things, align yourself in your present, be aware of your surroundings. Feel good about things that you procrastinate. If you want to sleep in unusual hour, find time to talk with your close friend or family member. It’s easy for a person to lose track of time. Keep boredom away from you in lockdown. You can also try stress busting activities that includes hobbies.
  1. Positive self-talk: “I hate this when it happens” can be replaced by “I know how to deal with it, I have done it before”. “I can’t do this” can be replaced by “I will do the best I can.” “I feel helpless and alone” can be replaced by “I can reach out and get help if I need.” Positive self-talk is easy if you replace negative thoughts the moment you get in your head. Negative thoughts and negative self-talk increases stress. One can control stress by positive self-talk. With practice you can learn to shift negative thoughts to positive ones within a second. Encourage yourself. Be your own guide or mentor that you are seeking outside from others.
  2. Rejections are not meant to take seriously: Business and designations require different than what you have. Do not take personally if you get any form of rejections. Rejections in interview does not mean anything with your personality or character or skills. Every job you applied would not result positive and you will not get any is misconception. You need to give yourself chance.

Conclusion: Learn to accept yourself fully as you are. Your mind is not meant to take loaded stress around you. Your mind deserves better because lots of stress is harmful and unnecessary. There are plenty of jobs available and companies do require employees having skills matched with yours. Job opportunities are never ending. So as our hopes and trials. Learn to take actions on your stress. Apart from tips mentioned above you can add stress buster action as you like.

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