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What 8 Mistakes Beginner Programmer Makes

Every individual was once a beginner. For all the young coders and programmers, You will learn in this blog what common mistakes a programmer makes as a  beginner.

We have made many mistakes in the past but that’s how we have learned from it. Beginners have a tough time at the beginning of any project as they are prone to make mistakes. Through mistakes only we learn better things. Learning to program and coding means you tend to make lots of mistakes. As a beginner you can easily relate to these mistakes covered in this blog.

Take this as a help guide and just learn from it. It only helps you to improvise and find solutions from common mistakes that a programmer does. Many beginners in coding are afraid to make mistakes. If you are a coder or programmer, you have to learn that mistakes can only help you to do it in other ways. Mistakes are done to find solutions and chances to improve the moves. If I had any chance in the past to know and learn from these mistakes I probably would not get confused in the beginning. Growing as a novice requires hard work and dedication.

After reading this I am sure my readers can easily figure it out and decide on what mistakes you need to focus on. So here is the list of top beginner mistakes.

  1. Writing code without planning- This is the most common mistake of programmers that they write code without thinking and planning. It applies to both small applications and large applications. You require to think and plan in advance before coding. The correct process to write quality code is Research. Plan. Write. Validate. Modify. Always think and research on the content and plan to avoid mistakes before writing code. Try to go with this process for creating a quality program. Many people don’t follow it as it takes lots of time to research and plan code. This way the outcome does not come satisfactory. Just like we communicate, we need to think before we code.
  2. Underestimate the code quality- Ambiguous code is waste and it cannot re-create. While programming or coding focus should be kept on the quality of the code. By quality means code should be readable. Focus on the readability of the code. A good programmer always focuses on communication with readable code. Coding is a way to communicate the implementation. So quality increases if coding is readable. You no need to code long lines as it’s hard to read. Some relatable mistakes in code quality are-

o   Using many lines in a function

o   Using double negatives

o   Using short, generic or type-based variable names

o   Hard-coding primitive strings and numbers without descriptions

o   Thinking that longer code is better

o   Using sloppy shortcuts

  1. Picking the first solution- While you might think your first searched solution is all inviting and true but good solutions are found after evaluating all possible solutions you find. Coders should be able to find multiple solutions to a problem. If you are unable to do so that means you do not understand the problem. As a programmer you need to find a solution that is simple enough to read, understand and maintain. Instead of rushing towards implementation, think about the potential failures of the solutions and try to find the solutions of a problem in the simplest way.
  1. Do not withdraw- A very general mistake from new comer programmers can be seen is not quitting the solution even though they find it’s not the right approach to perform. Any solution when applied is not the best one to go for. If you find any loops in the solutions re-think the problem and quit the applied solution. Not quitting a solution leads to disrupted code. Source control tools like GIT can help to experiment with many different solutions. Keep reminding yourself that bad code needs to be discharged no matter how much time you spend on a code.
  1. Not Googling- To search and google the solution of a problem is actually a better way to save your time. Many programmers waste their time in solving a problem when they can google it and find a solution to a problem. Google helps you to understand that what you think is a problem is not really a problem and stop fixing it. So Google it first. Being creative sometimes doesn’t mean everything you are doing is correct.
  1. Not focusing on end-user experience- When a new feature is added in an application, it’s done by seeing from the point of view of the user interface. In the similar way, put yourself in the user interface and imagine what end users need or how they will react to a particular feature when added. Focus on the demands and needs of end user experience. That is one of the qualities of a professional developer.
  1. Making existing code worse- We tend to have a habit of putting unused items on an unorganized desk. When you do the same with coding it will get worse. Always complete a code a bit cleaner than when you started to work with it. Few wrong practices that most beginners do is duplicate code and use unnecessary conditional statements and temporary variables. Making a duplicate code will be a big mess to overall results. In the same way, every conditional statement needs to be double checked.
  1. Obsessing about Best Practices– Stop worrying about best practices and focus on what you can do best. Do not follow rules for best practices. There are no best practices in coding. Invest enough time in research and find good practices that suit well for programming. Do not go looking for best practices on the basis of what others found. Best practices come from own research and practices. Rely on self-searched steps for quality coding. Every content is different from others. So every good practice does not necessarily apply to all.
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