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What are you waiting for?

“ Sir, I want to become successful.I want to achieve a lot in my life and become rich.”

I ask them “ What are you doing for that now ?”

“ Well sir, hmmm, I will definitely start to do something very soon “

“ Sir, I wanted to join a top MNC.”

“Good.What are you preparing then”

“Preparing like what…?”

“ You wanted to join a top MNC na, then what are you learning, what skill…”

“ Skill…I am studying well in my engineering na.I have 75% aggregate.I am waiting , my college will be calling companies and I will start appearing”

“ But many of the other students have good scores.How are you different”

“Sir, hmmmm, let me appear in some companies, then I will see if I get selected or not.If I will not be selected then I will go to Pune/Bangalore/Delhi/Hyderabad and search for jobs.

“ Thousands of people will be there, even from last year and also last to last year, how are you different?”

“ Sir, I will appear in companies, I will wait and see what happens”

How many of you think this way ? 

Students don’t want to be prepared for the opportunities but to wait for :

  • Companies to come to their college.
  • To go to Big cities for job search.
  • Wait for job opportunities there etc.

They just don’t want to take action.

I meet a lot of students in Tier A and Tier B cities and following is what they have shared with me, pure numbers.

June : Final Exam over.

June to Diwali : Stay at home, wait for companies to come in college campus.

After November : Plan to go to Tier A cities like Pune/ Hyderabad/ Bangalore. In November and December there is minimal hiring as there is festive season and resources are not available to take interviews in organizations.

Recruitment starts from January and they look for cream, top notch students, skill specific hiring, students who are trained in particular skills.

An average student takes about 6-10 months of struggle to get into a company.

Average cost of money required to stay in Tier A cities is about 10K per month per person.From Nov to June its 8 months ( about 80K ) you spend only for your food,travel and living.And what exactly you do is WAITING FOR OPPORTUNITIES.

Now lets see what exactly the highly successful professionals have done in their early days.

Good and ambitious students start preparing from their pre-final year and by the end of their final year project submission they have learned at least two job skills like Java, Linux,SQL, Oracle etc.

Even if they are not successful in any recruitment process till the end by the time they reach tier B cities, they are all set to appear for any opportunity for an entry level professional.Some of the highly paid professionals share that they have learned the niche skills in their college days, like cloud computing, Big data, SAP etc.

My advice to you if are looking for a highly paid career :

  • Start learning a job skill in your pre-final year.
  • By final year you should have at least 2 job skills and preferably a premium skill in your resume.
  • Create a winning resume and have a strong online presence.
  • Work on your soft skills, personality development, body language, Interview skills, public speaking skill. 90% of the candidates gets rejected only because of lack of soft skills.

Prepare well and prepare the right skill. 

What are you waiting for ?

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