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Communication Fundamentals: How to write an effective Email Subject Line

Email is the king of modern corporate communication modes and the subject line is the crown of it .Hence it has to be written with utmost care to bring about the maximum impact.

Here are a few pointers that guide the fundamental rules of writing the subject line of corporate/office emails.

  1. Concise
  • The email subject line must convey the core message that our email intends to deliver.
  • It should not contain any surprises, distractions and vagueness as far as corporate work emails are considered.
  1. E.g. Leave Application | 22nd June
  2. Code review | XYZ.code version3
  • Here in both the examples the over idea becomes very clear with the subject line itself.
  1. No sentences
  • Every word in the email subject line should be used sparingly.
  • Avoid complete sentences. Instead, write only indicator words as far as possible.
  • Get rid of every unnecessary filler word in the subject line
  1. Job Application | Pooja K | Salesforce developer Profile
  2. Status meeting at 2pm today.
  1. Spam filters
  • Email users mark some emails as spam based on the subject line and if your important email consists of such words which can be filtered as spam it may go ignored in the recipients spam folder.
  • Hence before sending an important email to a new recipient make sure you check on the spam filters.
  1. Indicators
  • Emails are of different kinds. Some of them are important and some are urgent.
  • Some need votes in response and some expect action to be taken.
  • You can indicate the type of your email by indicating the at the start. But make sure that it
  • is used sparingly otherwise the importance of these indicators will decrease. 
  • E.g.
  1. Urgent: severity 1 issue |Meeting scheduled at 10pm
  2. Action Needed: Behavioural Training | Feedback form
  1. Updated and inline
  • In case you are forwarding or replying to an original email make sure you update the email line according to the new context.
  • Also sometimes while we write an email body, new and extra content emerges. In such cases we must go back  and check if the subject line is inline with the body of the email.

An email is a reflection of the sender and the subject line is the front face of it. Hence make sure that it is professional and effective every time you hit the ‘send’ button of the email .

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