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Being Professional at work !

Professionalism is a quality that distinguishes a professional from a worker. It is the characteristic of an employee or a business person that makes the one most desirable for the employers, partners and customers.

Professionalism focuses more on ‘how’ than ‘what’ to do. Here are a few Pointers that throw light on this aspect of this concept.

  • Appearance
  1. Your attire plays an important role in your first as well as long lasting impression at work place.
  2. You can exude a powerful, professional and sincere image of yourself through that.
  3. Make sure it is clean , ironed, fit to the norms of the organisation.
  • Punctuality
  1. Time is undoubtedly the most valuable thing that we all possess.
  2. However when you do not value that by arriving late to meetings and other events it is disrespectful towards others.
  3. Hence it is important to imbibe the habit of arriving timely to every event especially at work.
  • Commitment
  1. Your commitments related to work also affect other’s work as at the workplace we work together in teams.
  2. Not following the commitments can shatter other’s timelines and it also raises questions of your performing abilities.
  3. Hence Make sure you provide achievable and reasonable timelines based on analysis and stick to them in every situation .
  • Open Mind
  1. While we work in teams made of people from different backgrounds and cultures, only an open minded person can fit in and get along with a team.
  2. Respecting others’ opinions and not being judgemental can help maintain a healthy workplace environment.
  3. Anyone who disrupts the harmony of the team will never be able to make make his/her firm place in the organisation despite their performance
  • Ownership
  1. Taking complete ownership of the task at hand is a key characteristic of a professional.
  2. If your tasks need to be micromanaged by your your superior, that decreases your credibility.
  3. Hence make sure you achieve crystal clarity of the work, solve/report issues that may hamper your timelines and quality of work and deliver every bit of it with perfection without any blame on situations and people.

There are many other aspects of professionalism and every time you imbibe any of those you level yourself up as a profession

Professionalism is not a label you apply to yourself, it is a description you hope others apply to you.

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