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Careers in Salesforce Ecosystem in India

Salesforce, the world’s fourth-largest software firm, is a cloud-based CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform ; be it tablets, mobile phones .

Salesforce: A CRM software

Salesforce, the world’s fourth-largest software firm, is a cloud-based CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform that allows various teams working in a company to seamlessly collaborate with each other from anywhere and from any platform; be it tablets, mobile phones (Android or IOS), or laptops and desktops!

Salesforce, with its user-friendly interface, makes it easy for MNCs, small businesses, or start-ups to have their sales, support, and service teams work remotely to offer a convenient solution for their patrons and client base.

Salesforce jobs are one of the fastest-growing in India and around the world. According to a report, Salesforce is expected to add 1.3million more jobs in India through its ecosystem by 2026 and add around $66billion in business revenues. The field is ripe with high demand, low supply, and tremendous opportunities; which may also end up in on-site work.

Salesforce and its wide range of career opportunities

A doctor works in the Healthcare industry, a teacher works in the education field but salesforce developers have the luxury to be versatile, implementing their skills, and helping companies that specialize in software, finance, broadcasting, healthcare, or even non-profits automate and execute their CRM needs.

An admirable aspect of the Salesforce profession is the prospect for to climb the growth ladder faster than other service sector professionals. One usually starts as a junior resource and with the precise skills can get into managerial or freelancing roles rapidly.

Career paths in Salesforce:

  • Salesforce Developer
  • Salesforce developers are the people behind the development of cloud-based applications and automation services as needed by the client company.
  • They are required to have an in-depth working knowledge of Salesforce, customization, app development and coding skills, object-oriented programming like Apex, in-demand platforms like lightning aura, and Lightning web components among other emerging features in SFDC.
  • Salesforce Administrator/Admin
  • Salesforce administrators ensure that the system is running efficiently, managing the development of the system, developing training manuals, and maintaining good relationships with allies, clients, and vendors. Their job is to essentially set up & configure with not much technical role per se.
  • However, currently in India, Salesforce jobs demand a hybrid role of administrator and developer and purely admin jobs are a few. That’s the reason admins in India are required to have a fair bit of technical know-how than their counterparts in other parts of the globe.
  • Salesforce Architect
  • Salesforce Consultant
  • Architects have the responsibility to essentially define the architecture of a salesforce org. A career as a successful Salesforce architect requires proficiency in web services, the Salesforce platform, several web development languages, and in and out of the automation and business processes.
  • Architects with adept skills and experience are in hot demand with lucrative perks because of a real need for certified CRM architects. Industry cannot afford delays in execution and implementation and salesforce architects with their ability to tackle complexities of salesforce implementations come into the picture as an asset.
  • Salesforce consultants guide the organization on how they can use Salesforce within their organization and are ones with not just a working knowledge but strong technical background, great soft skills, and consulting skills, along with deep expertise from outside the technical area.
  • Industry is on a hunt for consultants with practical experience and in-depth understanding of configuration and integration.
  • Salesforce Business Analyst (BA)
  • Salesforce Business Analysts (BAs) are data-geeks and technical brainstormers who need to analyse several data sources and provide critical business insights and analysis.
  • Salesforce Business Analysts need to be good at communication and presentation skills, problem-solving and must have an eye for details, along with project management and people management skills.
  • Salesforce Project Manager (PM)
  • Salesforce PMs have an in-depth understanding of cloud computing, and cloud computing applications within a business along with expertise in using the Salesforce platform as a CRM.
  • Salesforce Project Managers are the ones responsible for managing the team, and running the projects whilst working with engineers, consultants, and other employees to develop an established communication plan for execution and completion of a desired task/project.
  • Salesforce Specialist (Implementation Expert)
  • Salesforce specialists implement Salesforce and its processes throughout their organizations.
  • They possess expertise in designing and implementing sales, service, marketing, and business/salesforce applications for their clientele.
  • These professionals have expertise in some unique features of Salesforce like Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ), Health Cloud, Einstein (that leverages Artificial Intelligence technology to supplement its CRM functionality in the Cloud Computing space), etc.
  • Apart from the basic Salesforce knowledge, they have a broader view into a particular aspect and its utility to enhance the product needs of a company.

Salaries of salesforce professionals

Popular website Glassdoor reports the following average salaries of salesforce professionals in India.

1) Salesforce Developer

Image source: Glassdoor

2) Salesforce Administrator

Image Source: Glassdoor

3) Salesforce Architect

Image source: Glassdoor

4) Salesforce Consultant

Image source:Glassdoor

5) Salesforce Business Analyst

Image source:Glassdoor

6) Salesforce Project Manager

Image source: Glassdoor

Summing up while making the cricket-crazy India understand the 3 major roles and their requirements here’s a short analogy of the skills needed in a salesforce career path and cricket-

Salesforce Developer is like Sachin Tendulkar- Technically(coding) strong but not necessarily a people management expert.

Salesforce Administrator is like Rahul Dravid- Having good technique(coding) as well as people management skills(management) and can do both (which is required in India)

Salesforce Technical Architect is like Sourav Ganguly- Having all-around capabilities of coding as well as people management and can excel in both whilst creating a path for the team.

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