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Communication Fundamentals: How to be an effective Public Speaker?

Public speaking is a vital skill in today’s world, be it in personal or professional settings. It can make or break your career or personal relationships, and it’s essential to master the art of effective public speaking. However, for many, the thought of speaking in front of an audience can be daunting. In this blog, we’ll discuss the fundamentals of communication and provide practical tips to help you become an effective public speaker, from preparing your content to delivering a memorable speech that resonates with your audience

Public speaking is surveyed to be the second most feared thing in the world. The first is Death ! Is that not surprising ?

We keep talking to different people, in different situations on different topics all our lives, however when it comes to talking by standing separated from the public, it suddenly discomposes us !

But there is good news ! Public speaking is not a talent to be necessarily born with, it is a skill that can be acquired. Here are a few pointers that can help you bring out a better performance.

  1. Speak structured
  1. Understand the topic and finalise your overall content that you want to deliver in your speech.
  2. Divide your speech in logical pointers.
  3. Speaking in pointers has many benefits.
  • It shows that you have a clear picture of the whole topic.
  • It makes it easier for you to remember the speech.
  • It becomes easier for the audience to understand and retain the points you spoke about.
  1. Make it about the audience
  1.  Make sure that your speech is not about only your opinions or your experiences.
  2. Make it about the audience by giving general examples to which they can relate.
  3. Make the speech interactive by asking questions and opinions. 
  1. Make it interesting
  1. A monotonous long speech is like a nightmare for the audience. They would want to get rid of that.
  2. Hence it is important to have voice modulation and exciting content in the speech.
  3. Content can be exciting with stories, anecdotes, statistics, examples and humour.
  4. Any of these would spice up your speech and level up the engagement of
    the audience. 
  1. Keep it Simple
  1. Presuming that people must be knowing what you know about your topic can disconnect you from the audience.
  2. This phenomenon of speaking high level complex concepts and speaking Jargons is called the ‘Curse of Knowledge’.
  3. Hence Speak as simply as possible that will enhance your connect with the audience. 
  1. Let your message and body sync
  1. Our body speaks way faster and louder than our words.
  2. Your hand gestures, postures, facial expressions, movements must be given attention as the right effect can be achieved only when your message is inline with your body language.
  3. Hence it’s important to make sure your that your body is in complete sync with your message. 

Public speaking not only helps you stand out from the crowd, it also possesses the

potential to bring out positive changes .

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