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Communication fundamentals- Active Listening

Communication – the human connection – is the key to personal and career success.

However there are a lot of misunderstandings about this concept.

Many think that constantly speaking means communicating whereas in effective communication active listening plays a vital role.

In this article, we will discuss the art of listening .

  1. Listen to understand, not just to respond!
  • Listening is not ‘waiting to speak’. It demands patience.
  • Make sure you listen to the speaker patiently and do not react or jump to the conclusion immediately.
  • Also wait for a decent pause in the conversation for you to pitch in. Cutting the flow of speakers is disrespectful.
  1. Be there, completely !
  • The most fundamental factor of listening is attention. One needs to be fully present (physically and mentally ) in the conversation.
  • Maintain eye contact for undivided attention.
  • Avoid every environmental factor that could disturb you. E.g. side conversations, noise, sceneries.
  • Put yours on silent mode and make sure you resist the urge to browse through the phone.
  1. Throw away the prejudices
  • A closed mind denies to receive any value from the conversation.
  • Make sure you attend the conversation open mindedly which will help it bloom and be fruitful.
  1. In other words….
  • Communication is also about listening to what has not been said.
  • While you listen and understand the conversation from your perspective , make sure you paraphrase it and convey to the speaker.
  • With this the speaker will be pleased with your attentiveness and you also get to confirm the meaning you extracted from the conversation.
  1. Verbal and non verbal cues
  • While you are listening actively; make sure it is studded with verbal and non verbal cues.
  • Verbal cues are responding with words like ‘right!’, ‘Absolutely’, ‘Of Course!’ or even simply ‘hmm’.
  • Nonverbal cues are conveyed through body language which involve gestures like nodding and smiling.
  • Please note that when the body is in sync with the words you are speaking, the trust is built automatically.

Communication is more than an art, it’s attitude!

Make sure that it is conveyed right !

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