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5 key research pointers for interview

Preparation is the soul of a successful interview and it is certainly multifaceted. We call it so for the fact that an interviewee needs to prepare on various things and topics.

In this article we will be throwing light on one of the important factor in interview pre-preparation i.e. Research.

Here are a few important things that you should be researching about before appearing for an interview.

  1. What is the job profile?
  • Before going for any job interview you MUST know in detail what the job profile is.
  • If the profile suits your skill-set and aspirations you can go for it.
  • If not, it definitely saves a lot of time, effort and frustration.
  • Also knowing the requirements beforehand helps you to prepare accordingly.
  1. Who s/he is?
  • If you get to know who will be interviewing you, do not miss the opportunity to check out on him/her.
  • You can find this out by name on emails, meeting invitations and if possible you can ask the one scheduling the interview for you.
  • Understand the background of the interviewee like the post, domain etc.
  • This can help you prepare to connect better with the interviewer with points like common interest and relative questions and references from your side
  1. What does the organisation do and what’s their USP?
  • Your interest to join the interviewing organisation needs to be justified during the interview. Hence it’s essential to know what the company does.
  • Every company is built on some principles and works towards a mission.
  • As an interviewee interested in joining the organisation, you must know what makes that company special in terms of principles, culture, mission, initiatives, vision, social work etc.
  1. Which are their well known products and clients?
  • While researching about the company, find out the domains the company works in.
  • Also gather some information about the products of the company.
  • Some companies are famous for the prestigious client they serve to make sure you browse through that.
  • d. This definitely will help you exude a ‘well prepared’ interviewee’s image during the interview.
  1. Is there any latest news floating about the organisation?
  • What’s equally important to being knowledgeable is to be aware.
  • Find out, read and understand if there are any latest updates about the company in the news.
  • This will definitely help you have a smart talk during the interview. Lacking the most basic awareness about the interviewing organisation can create a very careless , uninterested and insincere image of you which can definitely take a toll on your chances of selection.

To conclude, Know your job well and the job giver even better.

All the best with your preparations

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