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Are you going through life or growing through life ?

“I am enjoying my life like anything man.I am on top of the world. I party every weekend.

All my friends are with me and we are having a great time.I got my first job right after college, getting decent money and what else do you want.”

Well most of you new joiners have the same mindset and you know it.Everything you plan is based on the experiences you have gained with your college friends, teachers, relatives and well wishers.All your dear ones always wanted you to be in the SAFE ZONE, where there is no risk, no pressure, no challenges ( big ones ) and obviously no gains.I will not blame them because they wanted you to be consistent in whatever you are doing, in fact they wanted you to do whatever the rest of the world is doing. Isn’t it ? As they say, slow and steady wins the race.I am very sure “they” said it at least 200 years ago as now, in this highly competitive and demanding world you need to be fast, consistent and focused towards your goal.No matter what you want to do with your life, its very important to measure growth on a regular basis, which most of us don’t do.We only count numbers in our bank accounts and nothing else.Here I am not talking about the monetary growth but intellectual growth which you need to measure on a regular basis.If you are growing well intellectually there is a high possibility of you growing monetarily without any efforts.

I am sharing ten such habits which you should adopt/cultivate to take your growth to the next level within a span of six months.Specially for people who are new joiners in information technology sector .

  1. Read Books

“I know that, whats new in that !” .Well everyone knows that but just count how many books you have read for your academic and intellectual growth in last one year.Now here I am not talking about programming and Operating Systems. Books that will help you to change perspectives of people, will help you to negotiate in crunch situations, will help you to become a better leader.

  1. Sleep for at least 7 hours a day

“Come on…whats new in that !”. Are you sleeping about 49 hours a week. If you are doing it , I am very sure you don’t need to read this article. Most of you exchange sleep with your stress busters like smoking, drinking, partying and all kind of stuff.Many of you have insomnia and its a slow poison to kill your intellectual property, you super brain in later stages.

  1. Network

“Aaah, I do it regularly.I am on FB,Twitter,Instagram….”. Networking is not only about social media, its one to one interaction with people. What ever you will achieve in your life will be from 20% of your work and 80% of network.All the great people were very good in that.You find your own way to network with people you dont know, may be in buses, trains,offices, where ever you find people. Smile, shake hands, say hellos.We are loosing the emotional intelligence because of your geekiness with the gadgets.I will share an example in the next part about how network changed the phase of my business in just six months.

  1. Empathy

Huhhh ! empathy ? Yes, its the one quality which is a big differentiating factor. I interviewed a lot of successful artists, entrepreneurs, managers, leaders and I found this one quality which differentiate them from others. One should understand that Its never “I” its always “We”. The best of the best in any know field of life have a deep understanding of human emotions.

  1. Communication Skills

Ahhh, I also know that, what new in it ! I am not talking about speaking shakespeare english, or fancy business language. By communication skills I mean to reach people, teams, clients and convey the message in a way that will motivate them, encourage them to accomplish whats required.

  1. Appreciate others

Yes, I do appreciate people, last time I appreciated … I dont mean the formal appreciation. I mean a quick pat on the back, a smile, a gratitude in voice, something which can make someones day. You start this as a habit and you will see wonders happening in your personal and professional life.

Grow with life !

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