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How you can become a Highly Paid Expert ?

“Sir, how can I become a highly paid expert ? how much time it will take ? Can you give us a recipe or a step by step approach to achieve my dream* ?

I always get such questions from students across the country. Every one wanted to be a “Highly Paid” expert, irrespective of the technology, skill or the qualification. I researched this concept for quite some time now and drafted a ten step formulae to achieve your goal* of becoming a highly paid expert.

10. Set your goal(s)

*Dreams Vs Goals : Goals are time bound, dreams are not.So I would rather use the word goal than dream.

Make S.M.A.R.T. goals. Write them down so that it will be more clear to you.Also mention how will you know when you have achieved a goal. If possible reward something to you when you have achieved one.This will boost you to achieve another.

9. Do organised networking

According to the 80-20 rule, its 80% networking which makes you successful. Get the best people in your group ( friends , social groups, social media etc.).Learn from them.Use them in your and their growth.

8. Dont limit yourself.

You don’t know the superpower within you so please don’t limit yourself. I was working as a Business Integration Lead in a CMM Level 5 organization for more than 7 years and I never realised my public speaking capabilities until someone exclusively praised me about it. I tried to improve it further and I developed the concept of Premium Workshops, a unique methodology of training based on case studies. So keep trying and don’t limit yourself.

7. Target people who need your skills

Always look for people who need your skills.If you are a painter you should know atleast hundred people who can pay any price to buy a masterpiece.If you are a programmer you should know atlas hundred managers in multiple IT companies who are always looking for good programmers. Connect them through a network.Use LinkedIn effectively.Market yourself well.

6. Expertise demands time

Invest time on your skills. Do something on a daily basis to improve your skills and take it to a next level every month. Be a good critic of yourself. Expertse is not a destiny but a journey so do practice your skill on a daily basis.

5. Do follow up

Most of the experts lack this skill of following up.Follow up with your critics, your fans, your employers, your bosses and keep on adding value to your skill and your product on a regular basis.

4. Do honest self assessment.

Be your best critic. Note down the scope of improvements and also the proposed date of your next self assessment.Do it regularly and note down the improvements and the areas for improvement.Hire people if you need to criticise you and work on that.

3. Work on your soft skills

Be a good people manager. All the successful people in the world are great in handling people, using them in their growth and growth of others. Learn how to talk effectively in atlas one language which is widely used in your area. Use metaphors and stories to convince people.Tell a story and prove a point.

2 . Learn a Premium Skill

I would always prefer to sell diamonds than selling bricks.Learn a skill which can give you more name and fame than anything else in that frame of time. For example in 2015 if you are a programmer learn cloud computing and big data, if you are a medical professional learn about microbiology, if you are a salesman learn how to sell online using commerce. The moral of the story is learn a premium skill.

 1.Get a Mentor

Find the best person in your niche and make him your mentor. Read all his books, watch all his videos, follow his life history and do what he has done in his life in a better way.If possible write emails to him/her and request for a meeting or advise.It can change your life.

You can apply these 10 step formulae for any profession or any skill set to become a highly paid expert.

– Sudhanshu Jain

Sudhanshu is founder and director of Premium Learning Systems, based in Pune(India).He is passionate about teaching and has developed a case study based training methodology called Premium Workshops.He trains individuals and corporates for Cloud computing, transformational personality development skills, soft skills and Neuro Linguistic programming.

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