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7 obstacles that are holding you back from getting a high paid job in IT.

IT has always been an industry with premium job .Its high paying capacity, professional

culture and abundant opportunities have made it the most attractive field for many.

However many face some typical obstacles on the way to this destination. In this article some of most common obstacles and the proven ways to overcome those will be discussed

  1. Non IT background.
  • The reason the non IT background becomes an obstacle in the way to enter into the IT field is that people think that it is an obstacle.
  • They belittle their NON IT experience and skills that enrich them as a resource.
  • The most important mindset to overcome this obstacle is to believe that your experience is valuable and filling up lack of IT knowledge is definitely possible.
  • Once this mindset is set , your non IT background will act as an asset for you in this journey.
  1. Career Gap
  • We need to understand that as humans we have multiple priorities. And parking our professional career for some personal priorities is NOT a sin.
  • Employers also understand and discount this if they find you capable enough for the opportunity.
  • So it is important to be okay with your career gap and focus on the most important thing which is ‘Upskilling!’
  1. Communication ineffectiveness
  • Communication is the bridge that connects you with everyone you have to deal with.
  • If you are not effective at it, it is definitely going to affect your career negatively.
  • Hence It is important that you start working on your communication shortcomings like inadequate vocabulary, Grammar and fluency issues, ineffective body language, poor presentation skills.
  • The good news about this is that Communication works for those who work at it.
  1. Fear of coding
  • Coding is not everyone’s cup of tea, however if you are a logical person,it is definitely possible to acquire.
  • Find out a good mentor who can clear your concepts and give a lot of hands on practice. This will definitely raise your standard as a candidate.
  1. Lack of career guidance.
  • Hard work in the wrong direction wastes your time, money and efforts. Hence it is vitally important that you take career guidance from a mentor who is expert and experienced in your destined field.
  • Finding the right direction is the first step to invest your efforts in the right place avoiding any further delay in achieving your long awaited switch.
  1. Being technically unfit
  • Your technical fitness is essential despite your background.
  • If you are not confident about it go for a course that thoroughly prepares you for the same.
  • Being technically fit makes you the suitable candidate in the process and also instil confidence in the interviewer’s mind about your capabilities.
  1. Poor interview Skills
  • Interview is the gateway towards your dream job ;make sure you pass that with flying colours.
  • Interview phobia is very common amongst candidates for which preparation and practice are the only solutions.
  • Find out a course that prepares you for the interviews. Acquiring these skills will enhance your selection possibilities exponentially.

Knowing your weaknesses is the biggest strength for the fact that self development becomes a focused task after that . Entering into or switching within IT will be a piece of cake for you if you overcome the obstacles holding you back. All the best for your journey towards success.

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