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5 basic body language tips to create a better impact in interviews.

It may surprise you but the words we speak play only a 7% role in our communication. The dominaltigly major role is of body language which is 55%.

Hence it is important that we understand the body language tactics and work on them to ensure that we, through our body language send the right signals especially in very important event like interviews.

  1. Walking In
  • While you walk in the room make sure you walk confident and medium paced.
  • Make sure you do not have much of the loose stuff in your hands which may look shabby and difficult to handle.
  1. Posture
  • While you are sitting for an interview, having the right postures sends the right signals.
  • Have open body gestures like open arms, legs not crossed etc.
  • Lean forward a little from the waist which shows that you are interested in the conversation.
  1. Appear calm and composed
  • When people are nervous or uncomfortable within, they try to engage with something on the outside. Here are a few examples:
  1. Playing with rings, mobiles, pens or any other objects round.
  2. Tapping fingers or legs continuously.
  • Make sure that you appear calm and composed and do not indulge into any nervous activities.
  • The best way to calm yourself is to take a few deep breaths initially and take a couple of moments to settle yourself mentally.
  1. Eye Contact
  • A big misconception of a lot of interviewees is that looking down oravoiding eye contact is the sign of respect towards the interviewer.
  • In contrast Avoiding eye contact by looking up or down is a sign of hiding.
  1. Hand gestures
  • Make sure hand gestures are open and steady.
  • Here are a few examples of positive and negative hand gestures
  • Positive:
  1. Palm upwards – signifies honesty
  2. Palm visible – builds trust
  3. Steeple- Shows confidence
  • Negative
  1. Pointing fingers – A sign of arrogance
  2. Clasping your hands – A sign of self comfort
  3. Crossed arms – a defensive pose
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