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10 communication hacks for a top notch interview.

Communication is the most sought after skill in the IT industry. Starting from the interview it is needed frequently at numerous events in corporate.

Here are a few tips to bring about a greater impact through your communications.

  1. Be a great listener
  • Communication is not about speaking only. Quality communication, listening matters equally.
  • Be an active listener throughout by paying complete attention and giving verbal and non verbal cues.
  1. Verbal Cues: Occasional words and phrases, such as: ‘great, ‘yes’ or ‘indeed’ will indicate that you are paying attention
  2. Facial expressions: Nodding, smiling, Facial expressions
  1. Eye to eye
  • Eye contact is the bridge between a speaker and listener. If eye contact is broken the communication cannot produce positive results.
  • Looking away , up , down are signs that you lack confidence.
  • Make sure that you maintain natural eye contact with the interviewers.
  1. Let them dance
  • Hands play an important role in effective and expressive communication.
  • Do not fold your hands and keep them in your pockets as they indicate you do not want to open up or you are uncomfortable.
  • Let your hands flow free.
  • If you do not know what to do with them, try steeple.
  1. Mind the pace
  • a. In communication the pace of a speaker plays an important role. Sometimes when we are comfortable, we speak fast which decreases the understandability of your message.
  • b. Also a very low paced communication may bore the listener causing distraction.
  • c. Pace which finds the middle ground between the two , is understandable and stops the listener from going into the trans.
  1. Voice it out
  • Your voice should be loud enough to exude the enthusiasm within you. A very low pitch voice may fail to hold the attention of the listener.
  • Voice, when used effectively can strengthen your message by holding the attention of the audience.
  1. Watch out fillers
  • Have you ever counted the filler words of your teachers in the class? That’s a typical classroom game for many !Fillers are those typical words which we use when we run short of words.
  • Some common fillers are :
  1. Ummm….
  2. You know…
  3. Like….
  • The best way to find out your fillers is by recording yourself and them listening to it.
  • Fillers, when used a lot, cause distraction, shifting the attention from your message?.
  1. Don’t beat around the bush
  • Speaking to the point in any communication can be a great favour to the listener.
  • Beating around the bush is yet another reason the interviewer may distract from your message.
  • If possible, speak in pointers for long answers.
  1. Tell stories
  • Stories are the most interesting, loved and memorable style of communication.
  • The basic idea of stories is that they are emotions embedded and every two sentences in it are connected to each other.
  • Telling stories in interviews means that you have flow while giving descriptive answers and they are narrated in humane, interesting ways.
  1. Make it a conversation
  • Take interviews as a professional conversation instead of some court martial that you have to face.
  • So speak conversational and not like something has been mugged up.
  1. Maintain the curve
  • “A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.
  • If you have pleasant and welcoming expressions that naturally improves the chances of quality communication which in turn enhances the chances of positive results.

Communication is the key to bring about phenomenal results. A great communication is a MUST thing to support your Technical fitness and experience. And the good news about communication is that it works for those who work at it !

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