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10 things to avoid during the interview.

Job interviews can be nerve-wracking experiences, and it’s easy to get caught up in the pressure of making a good impression. However, it’s just as important to know what not to do during an interview. Certain behaviors and actions can leave a negative impression on the interviewer, potentially costing you the job. In this article, we’ll explore 10 things to avoid during the interview process, so you can feel confident and prepared to ace your next interview

  1. Misusing the table
  • While you enter the room, make sure that you keep minimal stuff with you.
  • Do not keep your purse, bag or other stuff on the table. Use it for your files and resumes.
  • Also make sure that the files and papers are well organised.
  1. Starting on a rushy note
  • Do not rush in the start as it increases the chances of you making mistakes.
  • A mistake made in the starting phase of the interview may take down your confidence and the whole further performance may topple down.
  • Hence it is very important to start gradually and then pace up comfortably.
  1. Rambling
  • Some candidates do not speak to the point. They go on and on with their answers.
  • This may cause the interviewer to distract or lose interest in listening to you.
  • The best way of communication is speaking ‘clear and concise’.
  1. Interrupting the interviewer
  • Interruption can be disrespectful for the speakers.
  • Do ask questions whenever necessary however do not interrupt the interviewer while he/she is speaking.
  • Wait for their pause and then speak.
  1. Lying about what you know and have done
  • The interviewer is an expert in reading faces, So make sure you do not lie.
  • Because if you do and they understand that, the decision of rejection is made at the same moment and the interview is stretched till they find enough pointers justifying their decision.
  1. Uneasy body language
  • a. Here are some body language traits that show that you are uneasy, uncomfortable or uninterested.
  1. Tapping your feet
  2. Tapping your fingers
  3. Playing with body parts like hair, fingers.
  4. Playing with objects around like pens, diaries, papers etc.
  • This looks very unprofessional and project an image of yours as not interested in the opportunity.
  1. Be over apologetic
  • Some candidates are extremely submissive in nature which sometimes shows that they lack confidence in their own selves.
  1. keep saying sorry repeatedly and unnecessarily.
  2. They belittle what they have done and achieved in life till date.
  • b. Maintain a positive tone in your speech.
  1. Being boastful
  • In contrast to the previous point, some candidates are overly confident. They exude the attitude that they know everything.
  • This may trigger the interviewer to test you harder and prove you wrong.
  • The best attitude to maintain in the interviews is confident yet humble.
  1. Being Robotic
  • Would you like to go on a date with a robot? Similarly if you are just pouring out what you have mugged up or reading out what is written in your resume the interest of the interviewer is likely to be lost.
  • Make sure you speak natural and conversational.
  1. Going Unprepared
  • Do not underestimate the power of preparation
  • Preparation gives you time to ponder on your strengths and collect good justifications for them.
  • Preparation introduces you to things that you are weak at and gives you a chance to work at them.
  • Preparation also fills you up with confidence
  • Preparation beats the talent when talent does not come prepared..
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