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Mind your mindset before going for an interview.

Mind your mindset before going for an interview. A very powerful thought says ’We are what we think’. The opinions that we have about ourselves are the pictures our mind has drawn. We need to make sure that it is elegant!

It is observed that the most restricting factor for any interviewee is the mindset he/she carries. Here are few examples:

  1. I am not going to be selected because I am not good at English.
  • English is definitely an important skill in corporate for it is mostly the language of your client and business.
  • However English is not the measure of your talent and potential.
  • Ensure that you work on your basic grammar and vocabulary to be able express enough however do not be bothered much about
  1. I have a career gap, I am a weak candidate.
  • Here is a basic concept to be cleared : we work to make our personal life better.
  • So choosing personal life(family, health, relationships) over professional for a few years is not a sin.
  • Whichever reason you had a career gap for, do not be guilty for it. Make sure you have upskilled yourself and can cope up with the latest work, nothing else matters.
  • If your gap was for some endeavour (business, learning, hobbies) which you wanted to try out, speak proudly about that too. Convey that it was important to you and it enriched you as a person.
  • If it was a failure, convey that it enriched you with experience.
  1. I don’t look good, my first impression is not going to be great
  • What matters more than one’s looks in creating the first impression is the appearance.
  • Make sure you wear a pleasant smile, professional attire and confident body language.
  • These are the most attractive things about your personality.
  1. I am from a different background, they won’t consider me capable.
  • Many belittle their non IT experience and feel low for the same.
  • We need to understand that by entering into IT you are just changing the technical work area.
  • However the soft skills needed like time management , interpersonal skills, professionalism, communication at work , leadership skills can be imbibed from any kind of job and can be useful in every kind of job.
  • So be confident about your experience by believing that it has improved you as a professional over the years.
  1. The interviewer will be scary and the interview process is going to be a grilling process.
  • Interview is nothing else than a professional conversation between you and a representative of your desired company.
  • More than you want a job, companies are looking for gem candidates like you. It is a two way demand.
  • The interviewers are humans only and can be connected very well with.
  • Also do not overthink of the interview environment for if you fail you still have boundless other opportunities.
  • So go with the winning attitude without fearing failure. This mindset can help you relax and perform comfortably.

Once your mindset changes everything outside you changes along with you. So redirect your thoughts in a positive direction for they shape your future.

All the best for your bright career !

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