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Why Coding is the new literacy

You will get to know why coding is a good investment to learn and what career advantages it can bring to you.

In digital age coding is the new proficiency to understand the technology around us and to prepare ourselves for the future prospects of technology changes. Coding is an experience to become creative and to design a product whole by oneself. All technology industry rely on computer code. Almost every day employer post tech jobs on job portals. Programming and coding have become a primary skill for candidate and so the chances of higher salary in industry.

Coding is in-demand in every tech industry as companies need graphic designer, computer engineer and software developer etc which is the reason coding has become new investment for everyone to learn and become proficient including for children too, it will be a good investment for parents to engage their children in coding from young age. Some people get excited to work in challenging environment. They love challenges and to solve problem with creative thinking ability. Those who enjoy coding and want to build their career in same direction by creating websites, mobile applications, desktop program has lucrative career ahead, in terms of good compensation as well.

Coding and programming is not that hard to learn if one has interest to learn. Anyone from any educational and academic background can learn to code.

  • Coding improves the way your brain works
  • Coding helps person to become more detailed oriented person
  • Coding improves communication
  • Coding help you think of the consequences before you think about the benefits

There is so much more to coding and programming than knowing how to read and write in a programming language. Learning coding is all about learning how to solve problem and then implementing that using a language suitable for the task at hand. By learning how to do basic coding people will be learning effective ways to solve problems that they come up against. This is why we should be teaching children also how to write computer programs, make them aware of coding skill and make available resource and exposure to programming that is available in market today.

It might take years of training but learning to code, undoubtedly it will help you in future. Today engineers, scientists, mathematician uses coding to do and create something they wanted to.

Lets check out three important reasons to discover how coding is beneficial for young learners…


Creativity Enhancer

As I mentioned earlier, coding is a technical skill which leads to creativity in thinking to think out of the box, an innovative reflection of your work to solve any problem. You will find ways to think different solutions to same problems thus improves your brain functioning.

No manual task

Computer coding makes you do things as you want things around you. You will move towards automation and find ways to minimize manual works with just a command. It makes things easier for you. Repeat task get minimizes and help yourself by writing a program. With coding skill you can make your own tools to simplify your daily task.

Become competitive

What if among everyone only you know how to fix website function by your own. How much time and money you save for an organization to have such valuable asset. Coding makes you competitive in market. Every employer is in need for a programmer who knows how to code or fix a technical problem with your web and app skills.

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