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When your office is in your home, there’s always a question of productivity challenge which revolves around infinite numbers of distractions while Working from home. It’s hard to stay on the task not in an office setting and to stick to a self-discipline routine seems unreachable.

I had always been working in an office-based environment and working 100% remote was a big adjustment to deal with. The new workplace now requires how we quickly adjust into “New Normal” workspace, connect with our colleagues and stay engaged & productive.

Here, I wanted to share with you some of the best practices that I had pen down for myself while going through the challenging time to stay productive which helped me construct my quarantine working days in balance. I hope these strategies will help you to successfully work from home during the coronavirus pandemic.

  1. Block your Time: Learn to block your time in advance to identify the routine that you save to get the work done. In simple words, Time blocking means indicating on your calendar, in a smartphone app, or on a piece of paper which hour you will devote to your various of To-Do lists. You should not only block time for your work task but for your personal ones as well. For example, if you’re responsible to attend a Zoom call meeting at 11 a.m., block your time for this task and what personal tasks you can complete before schedule meeting time.
  1. Prioritize Tasks /Action Plans: It may seem simple but it takes a deep scrutiny to identify which tasks are actually the most important and which one ‘feels’ the most important. To-Do list can be helpful. Organize all of your tasks for a given period of time, it will be easier to monitor what needs to be done. Whatever task you decide to stick with with an objective to complete, stay in touch with your teammates & supervisor. Also Knowing when to stop is just as important as knowing how to proceed. So you also need to monitor your capacity to avoid risk of inefficient work.

Determine your working hours and adjust your working hours accordingly.

  1. Avoid distractions: It’s easy to get distracted from your work while working remotely. Losing yourself on the phone screen as you self-isolate will do you more harm than good. Set a break time for yourself in-between work to freshen-up for the next task. Learn to recognize the break slot, it should not overlap so you don’t miss out your work as planned.
  1. Organized Workspace:  As you are working from home, work with the space that you have by converting it into home-office. An Organized workspace maintains productivity. Avoid working on the couch or bed, it may lead to a much relaxed work environment & drowsiness. Find a quiet workspace with less interruption to keep you committed to work.
    Like your office desk, arrange all necessary tools & devices for effective performance. Keep everything to a minimum to calm down the stress-effect during work and help you concentrate a lot easier to increase productivity.
  2. Make your work visible: While working from home, with varied home-responsibilities it’s favorable to Jot down all your tasks as you complete throughout the day. This will benefit you to keep a track on your To-Do list and support to manage/adjust next assignments timely. Close check of your work will aid to prevent any forgotten task. Visible work records help you set further planning of assignments.
  1. Be Mindful: Working remotely may seems easy to work at your own private workstation, however, Learn to stay in your present and avoid multitasking so you stay engaged in what you should be focused on. You will need to be an active listener to catch signs of concern and disengagement as you won’t have the benefit of seeing others in an online meeting. You can take a quick walk or extend your breaks to make yourself space to focus on your goals. You can also daily practice a few exercises to stay alert & active the whole working day.
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