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What You Need to Know About Telephonic or Video call Interviews ?

Master your confidence for next telephonic/video call interview . Many companies begin to take interviews through the medium of phone call or video call interviews during lockdown to determine if candidate is suitable to the job role, to figure out skills, experience and personality check to meet the job requirements. In most cases telephonic interview is the first round of interview to screen the candidate to determine candidate’s interest in the company and job role. 


With the ongoing pandemic effect, Face to Face interviews are difficult to conduct by employers until COVID19 gets under control. Companies now switching their interview patterns because work from home is the new pattern to function company. Companies are also engaging video interviews replacing the Face to Face interviews to meet person virtually for accessing their interest, experience, Communication skills, knowledge, qualifications, behavior and right attitude towards job role.


With the changes in interview patterns, job seekers should be aware about telephonic interviews followed up by video interviews if they had not tackled later before. Many times, candidate unable to understand the importance of awareness during telephonic interview. It may seem easy to attend a call and answers all questions. However external aspects of interview got missed out while answering a call. Applicants are aware about the importance to prepare for in-person interviews / Face to Face interview. In the same way, preparation for a video call interview is as important as face to face interview.


Here’s some tips and technique on what you should know before taking phone call / video call interview from interviewer.

  • Candidate should look for quite sitting arrangements with good lighting and neutral background for their interview. (Applicable to video call interview). Silent place makes your telephonic and video call interviews convenient for both parties. During video call interview both parties should able to see each other clearly so that candidate able to show his confidence, good attitude and etiquettes with employers/interviewers. Your background should be plain or neutral to avoid distraction during interview.
  • Do your research on the interviewers, job role, job description and about the company. Its important to know who will be taking your interview, so that you do not miss any chance to question your doubts to them. A technical manager cannot answer your doubt for HR queries. Keep aware of yourself the demand of job before appearing in interview.
  • Make your notes on what possible answers you would say during interview. Review job description to understand the requirement of role. Make a list on how you will answer questions on for instance,
  • Describe yourself? What are your strength & weakness?
  • What do you know about our company?
  • What was your previous work profile?
  • How you would work from home if got selected?
  • What challenges you would face while remote working?
  • How good you are to take pressure on this job role which requires most of accountability?
  • How soon you can resume from hometown to work location after lockdown?


Above are few exemplary questions that can be asked while interviewing during lockdown phase. Think of what an employer is expecting of you in this quarantine time and how you will convince with your answers to the employers for any challenging questions.


  • Practice for interview. Speaking on phone isn’t easy sometimes as it seems during interview. You need to practice for fruitful result. It will be helpful if you have enough practice answering interview questions. You can make your own common interview questions to answer them with confident voice. Many a time you may get distract because you are with your family and have to answer a call from home. Avoid noise distraction while speaking on phone. You can practice answers Infront of mirror for video call interview as well. While practicing it will help you to work on voice notation, fast and slow speed tone, verbal ticks, correct pronunciation and picking good vocabulary.


  • Keep a copy of resume in front of you. It will help you to answer more clearly without forgetting key points or key responsibilities you would like interviewers to know. While speaking we tend to forget some important key points to say even in face to face interview. This is a good opportunity showcasing your talent and experience of work while you have a handy resume ready with you. In case of video call interview, you can keep notes but it isn’t possible to see while you are on interview. Its better to keep in mind some key notes that interviewers should get to know while selecting right candidate.


  • Listen carefully during interview. Keep a pen / pencil and paper with you to pen-down key points they ask you to do, or any information they share with you so that you can have them at the end. Avoid to dominate the conversation during interview and allow interviewer to ask and guide you towards question. Try to have an interactive conversation with interviewer. Be honest and thoughtful in your answers. Show your interest for job role and future association with the company during the interview.


  • Being professional is the key to have a good impression on the interviewer. Be respectful and kind throughout the interview. Good behavior with positivity remains in good notes for interviewer while taking decision. It will also help you to build future connections at professional level.


Tips on Do’s and Don’t

  • Make sure to charge phone and laptop
  • Have good internet connection for video call interview
  • Always remain in network connection while on phone call
  • Don’t eat, drink, smoke or do any activity while on interview
  • Do smile. It will change the tone of your voice with positivity
  • Do take time/moment/pause while answering questions.
  • Do reply with short answers often. Have focus on questions. and keep clarity in answers.
  • Do ask questions to interviewer. Make a note on what question should you ask at the end.
  • Do not hesitate to reschedule interview if you have to. Ask and confirm the schedule with interviewer.
  • Do thank the interviewer for considering your candidature for interview.
  • Follow up with interviewer. Ask when you would get a next call.

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