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Best Paid IT Jobs after Lockdown

The COVID19 lockdown changed the way people work. We are now more eager to know what will happen post lockdown. Will there be any opportunities in IT sectors for job seekers and freshers after lockdown? Economies are facing tough times during COVID19 but expected upward shifts in employment will change slowly. IT Job advertisements are being posted every day on social media and official job pages. Good news for fresh graduates & job seekers is that in most cases entry level openings for jobs have increased. Also, junior and mid-level job openings reflect that there will be good opportunities in the IT industry post lockdown.

HR departments of IT sectors are active in searching for a talent pool of technology. Once lockdown is over, employers will seek all the applications to ensure smooth functioning of hiring. People who are looking for jobs having ample opportunities in IT. They need to know which job openings will lift the IT market. Job opportunities are many in IT sectors, few of them require higher experience, excellent skills and tech-savvy. For freshers with minimal experience and for job seekers having less than 3 years of experience have their chance to grow their compensation with a valuable job profile.

IT companies often pay well with satisfactory benefits for employee welfare example work from home, flexible working hours, advantage of promotion. However, to take a right career path in the IT industry is a challenging task. Here we showcase ten jobs that are likely to be in-demand with favorable paid jobs in the IT sector.

Java Developer: Java Developer is not a steady career nowadays. Java is the most demanding language in companies. Java Developer is responsible for the development of java-based applications. One should have basic java skills like web framework, web technologies, Markup language, web services etc. A bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Information Technology is required along with java programming language. Career opportunities for Java developers are excellent along with growing pay scale. Java is the most widely used programming language so one should consider progressive career option with Java.

Web Developers: Web developers create web content and plan website layouts. They also involve in coding web pages. Web developers have excellent knowledge of programming languages so one must have a good understanding of programming language for the web to develop websites and applications. Example- JavaScript, HTML, CSS, XML etc. Web developers should have bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science or Information Technology, Computer Programming or related field. 

Salesforce: Salesforce is huge in demand and requires a specific skill set. You have options to become Salesforce Developer, Consultant, or Admin. Salesforce is a customer relationship management solution that bridges the gap between companies and customers. It is an integrated CRM platform that gives all departments of organization a single point of shared view of every customer. It requires no specific degree to become Salesforce-Developer/Admin/Consultant. A salesforce training which takes a minimum 2 months course to complete is all needed to grow a career in Salesforce CRM. You can earn a Salesforce certificate after successful qualification of exam and training. Salesforce career leads to a competitive salary structure in the IT industry.

Data Scientist: The data scientist career path is the skillful career choice you can currently make. Data Scientist organize and analyze large amounts of data using software designed for gathering and application of data for a variety of organizations. Data Scientists work to develop large scale models of how a company relates to its data. Data Scientist uses methods of data mining, data storage, trend in data, niche applications of data. The data scientist needs strong math skills, particularly in multivariable calculus. Minimum bachelor’s degree in IT, computer science, math, physics, or related field is required to become data Scientist. Other technical skills required to have a programming language like Python, Perl, C/C++, SQL and Java.

Development Operations Engineer: Development Operations Engineer (DevOps) utilize large set of technical knowledge and skills with IT teams concerning data architecture, maintenance, web and software development, cloud storage and maintenance. They are responsible for production and on-going maintenance of websites. DevOps Engineer work with IT professionals and earns high salaries in MNC companies in India. A bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related field is required with technical skill in CSS, HTML, SSL, XML, Java, Amazon Web Services, DNS and Web App Development.

Data Architect: Data Architect is concerned to build, design, manage and maintain data for companies related to information systems and databases. Data Architects ensure that data in a system is accurate and readily accessible. Data Architect works in the IT department with a well paid salary structure. Minimum qualification for Data Architect is bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, Computer Science or related field.

Computer Technical Support Specialist: Computer Technical Support specialist provides technical support for a company or for clients of the companies and to the employees. Technical support specialists answer inquiries from computer users, engage in troubleshooting and problem solving. Computer Support Specialists must maintain and update the knowledge of current technologies and technological issues. Minimum qualification for Computer Support Specialist is bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, or related field.

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There are lots of time you have to do all your research. It is better to use it to wisely to make good job search. There are high chance you will get positive response utilizing this time if you know what you need to identify.

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