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Skill Re-construction for Recession and Job Opportunities

We are living in a Global crisis which is estimated to be a massive layoff in recent times.According to the Centre for Monitoring the Indian Economy (CIME) report, unemployment has reached its peak to 27.1 percent. During this crisis, many employees & professionals will lose their job, Wages will decline, job opportunities likely to decrease, also Job opportunities for travel, hospitality are declining and likely to grow slow.

During this uncertainty of economic crises, with no certainty of how long measures will remain effective its high time to prepare and plan for upcoming employment openings. Employment will take to skyward direction if we re-construct our skills during lockdown days to get access to those companies who are also looking for useful talent to overcome pandemic effects.

 What you need to analysis:

  1. Re-evaluate skills: Take a look at your job description or you can refer job posts online to understand job description of your current job position. Reflect on those skills which are required for that position. Pen down skills that are difficult & requires time to learn. Make your analysis more specific in terms of difficult skills that will make it easier to understand which particular segment of that skill you need to master. Re-evaluation takes time to function brain in a direction towards constructive approach to analysis that is missing in the development of skillsets. Be patient to figure out the answers instead of coming to a conclusion abruptly. Think what suits best for you in re-evaluating the skills. Take a help of seniors or co-workers or even your immediate employer for right guidance. Discuss with your friends working in the same domain as yours to make right decisions.
  1. Calculate in-demand skills: You need to evaluate which skills are in demand which employers are looking for to fill vacant positions. For example, salesforce jobs are in-demand jobs in the IT industry. To have in-depth knowledge of Salesforce certain skills are required to learn like Java which is basic, critical & analytical thinking, Neat coding etc. To look for in-demand skills, refer to various job posts/job requirements to know current openings with skill set requirements. It will help you to know which skills are required to update in your career. Like its mentioned earlier, take a help from your friend, colleague, co-workers and even an expert advice for more clarity in understanding the requirements.
  1. Opportunities after lockdown: Getting ready to overcome recession also need to focus on industries & sectors that will grow fast after lockdown. Telecom, Restaurant, Banks, FMGC are some sectors which will boom after lockdown. Look for skill-sets which will match skill sets of yours. Look for the significant industries that has maximum scope in hiring new talents and to function quite well after lockdown despite decreasing effects of economy in the country. Update with the latest newsletters and daily newspaper, news stations to keep track on economic conditions.
  1. Soft Skills: Employers mostly look for soft skills for adequate functioning of job role. These skills are equally important as technical skills to learn. Different soft skills are required at different job role as per need. You should re-skill or re-create those skills by learning & practicing at home after analyzing which skill requires most of you in your job. Soft skills need practice so also try to practice it often in free time. It will save the time when you got to show your skills at the final moment of situation.
  1. Platform to learn: Today we have online access at our home, however we need to find out which online platform is best to upskill your knowledge. There are many options like online classes, online self-learning apps, Virtual tutor, online seminars, pod-cast. Some of them are chargeable while others are free courses and free of cost to join them at your convenience. You can make best use of this time to utilize maximum from these learning platforms.
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