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Every new graduate should practice 6 things that will make you Smart.

Make a smart move and become out-stand among your competitors to get best opportunities in the market & interesting aspirants for hiring companies. Students who are recently graduates are finding jobs on all possible platforms and trying to improve communication skills. Some are preparing for their campus recruitments while some others are looking for suitable jobs on job portals, employment agencies etc. But what makes an applicant get selected is the result of their performance. Generally, applicants do their preparations for interviews 2-3 weeks before. When it comes to fresh graduates with no experience you need to work smart before the announcement bell rings. Smart work comes with practice. Engaging oneself into these practices during crucial hours of lockdown will change your attitude towards goal attainment.

One of the major complications fresh graduates face is their insufficient understanding of basic concepts, Lack of in-depth understanding of technical information, lack of client-handling skills and insufficient knowledge across domains are the main difference. In most cases it is found that the lack of English communicative skills, is 73.63 percent of candidates, and low analytical and quantitative skills, discovered in 57.96 percent of candidates which is a major reason for unemployment.

Companies frequently look for applicants whose attributes are not mentioned in their job description. Besides, companies want someone who’s able to solve a problem timely with adequate measures. Employers try to find what extra efforts an employee can contribute for his organization. Inexperienced & freshers are more in demand for employers because they have enthusiasm & ambition to become successful in their life on their own. With new ideas & innovative approaches young minds can do wonders for any originations.

Here we will delve into 5 such practices you must consider that will add extra benefits to you apart from your academics.

  1. Reading: Reading is good for developing your mind, makes you smarter & helps you develop imaginations. Reading will also benefit to get aware of new vocabulary to use in your daily discussions. It will make you think deeper and change perspective to handle conditions. Reading will help you in your language skill which directly impacts your communication as well. A good reader has creativity, observations and gradually becomes a good communicator which is essential in today’s information age. You can read various authors’ books based on stories, fiction, self-help, biographies, auto-biographies and other genres subject to your interest. Lots of benefits are associated with reading habits which is advised to young folks.
  2. Solving Reasoning & Aptitude: After graduation many doors will open for you to step career paths through competitive exams and Interview Tests. Make it beneficial for you to avoid stress from all these examinations. Aptitude tests are conducted to know your problem-solving skills, how efficiently you can work to solve a problem in the given time. Graduates from any background are recommended to solve reasoning & aptitude questions from competitive preparations questions banks. There are lots of books, test series, mock test series, online test questions & websites available to do practice. Not only it will help you to crack the first round of practical tests in interviews but it will help you in analytical skills, thinking & problem-solving ability and aids in seeking multiple perspectives of any critical situations. All these will make you a better problem solver in the future & real in real life time.
  3. Verbal & Written Communication: The most common skill for any industry is communication skills. But what you need to learn & focus on this is new ways to speak in an interview. Interviewers get experience with almost the same answers for a question for instance ‘Tell me something about yourself?’ What interviewers want to know about you is your career goals, achievements, expectations towards your new job role & what you can contribute in their organization if hired. You can learn in Verbal communication is a different way of speaking answers to the questions. Where you should take pause/break in speech, tone of voice, selection of words, proper use of tenses, which comes under effective verbal communication.

In written communication skill, you need to be good at E-Mail writing & report writing. These are the most imperative aspects of communication skills with the right selection of words, making minimal sentences with good impact for what you wanted to deliver on mail. You can search samples of email writing or short courses of communication skills for positive results.

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  1. Storytelling skills: Storytelling skill should be considered vital as it helps to connect with your audience, clients, customers on a profound level. Its equally important as communication skills because the storytelling method is used to communicate, share, connect and educate. Storytelling unites people and help you build better relationships with humans. It unites people for a purpose. A good storyteller is a tool to prosper for leadership skills. Gradually you will learn how to become a good communicator to influence others. This skill is easy to learn with various techniques available to learn online.
  2. Knowledge updates: Knowledge is vast & to keep yourself with latest trends, technology, innovations, opinions, & ideas of your own subject area will surely be a good decision to start. Everyday there are changes in economic conditions & market strategies in each sector & industry. Fresh graduates should know relevant information & key updates on their area of subjects. What You learned will reflect on your speaking skills. You will not find it hard to start a conversation on a topic & become a more interesting conversationalist. Updated mind aids in clarity of your work as well.
  3. Microsoft Tools: Spreadsheet or excel is a significant tool in all workstations. It’s the basic tool we have been taught in school but inefficient practice makes it hard to use it entirely. Most people are not are not aware how & when to use pivot tables, macros, V-lookup, H-lookup, graphs on excel, formulas etc. Try to get in touch with Excel sheets with random charts & tables to practice all its applications and command. Even moderate experience will make your profession smart & within deadlines. It’s easy to use a spreadsheet which only requires your one-hour daily practice. Not only Excel, Powerpoint Tools & functions along with Microsoft Word applications plays vital roles to make work easier & presentable for any job role.
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