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Setup checklist before telephonic/ online interview.

Setup checklist before telephonic/ online interview.

Modern problems need modern solutions .

In this unprecedented pandemic , most things have shifted to online . And one of those important things is job interviews.

For most of the companies the first round which is also called screening round is conducted telephonic or video conferencing.

The benefit of these kinds of interviews is you get to be in your comfort zone. however the challenging part is that other than yours the performance of log other mediums do matter.

Here is a checklist of factors you need to ensure before appearing for these teleinterviews.

  1. Calm environment
  • A conversation would be a punishment with a lot of noise around.
  • Make sure the place from where you would be attending the interviews is calm in order to avoid any distractions and disturbance during the interview.
  1. Descent background
  • Make sure you have a decent background behind you on online interviews like zoom , skype or google meet.
  • Any distracting , shabby or indecent background would be an unprofessional thing to present.
  • You can also use virtual background or background blur options.
  1. Working internet connection or mobile network.
  • The fluctuating internet connection can be annoying.
  • It shows that you haven’t taken enough efforts to run the interview smoothly.
  • Make sure the internet speed is good and also keep some backup like mobile hotspot on and connected which will ensure quick transition to working internet in case of any fluctuations.
  1. Charged phone /laptop battery.
  • In India, the Electricity department is not definitely the Most trusted one.
  • Make sure you charge mobile and laptop beforehand to avoid running out of battery during the interview .
  1. Tested earphones.
  • Earphones can betray you anytime .
  • Make sure they are well tested before the interview.
  • Hand movements towards the Mike of wired earphones can produce very disturbing notice so it needs to be tied well to your shirt/dress.
  • Also in online interviews like zoom make sure the input and output voice sources are selected correctly.

Managing this basic setup before tele interviews is highly important because taking it granted can unsettle during your important event. Things that seem to be the most obvious can be most deceptive. !

All the best for your bright career

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