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Salesforce is selling like hot cakes ” as many of our recruiting partners tell us on a regular basis,

followed by another question, for how long it will be selling like hot cake? What will happen when everyone will have a cake then will there be a requirement like today? What they want to ask is, for how long this super skill sales force will be called as a hot skill.

My answer to this one is …

‘Don’t worry, very soon cakes will be selling along with icings and toppings as well. Very soon, in fact, the trend has already started to club salesforce knowledge with another skill which is very popular and used with salesforce by most of the clients for example : 

Salesforce with Tableau

Salesforce with Siebel

Salesforce with JQuery

Salesforce with R

Salesforce with Python

Salesforce with angularJS

Salesforce with macaroni and cheese…(kidding…)

So it’s high time for my dear developer friends to learn the additional skill, as the market is having huge demand of SuperHeros who can fly like Superman, drive like Batman, run like Flash and …you know what I mean here.

The big question is how to start Now?

My strategy :

  1. YouTube the basics
  2. Ask for professional help, online courses can surely help
  3. Visit meetups and conferences
  4. Collaborate and learn … offer free help to freelancers, managers, developers, you will find many …
  5. Go for recognition, a certification may be.

So don’t think too much, just start doing.

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