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We are living in a brand YOU world.

Brand is an entity which is registered in the mind of a customer. Its a unique language of customer where Cold drink becomes coca cola,

an elite cell phone is called iPhone and all photo copiers are called Xerox machines.

Are you a BRAND yourself ? Think about it.

Well, let me give you a quick exercise to know about your personal branding.

What is the skill you known for in your office, I am not asking for your qualification or designation, I am asking the skill for which people come to you for advice, to get something done. It can be persuasion, people management, programming skills, problem solving etc.

How are you defined by your best friends ? Talkative, composed, sober, showoff, loyal etc.

Today at this moment, if you loose your job, your savings, your house…, what is that one skill you have which you can bet on, will surely make you successful again?

Bingo! now you know what I mean.

Most importantly, is your skill measurable, or sellable ? If its not , it cannot be a brand.

I was always a believer of personal branding over professional branding. You will always be legendary if you know your brand your core competency , the god gift to you.

In the next part I will talk more about, how you can brand yourself because you know you have the potential to become legendary, don’t you ?

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