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Reasons To Switch to An IT Job

If career progression into IT or a shift in the IT sector is your goal, here are some of the benefits to reassure your decision.

The new industrial revolution is sure to be a technological one where the technology may replace the need for manual labour to some extent. Reports by the Australian Computer Society and CEDA have mentioned how around half of today’s local jobs have a moderately high chance of being partially or fully technology-driven in a decade or half, due to advances in technology. Robots, artificial intelligence, and other automation and service technologies may replace one in five workers within the next 15 years.

Panic button pressed yet???

This unavoidable eventual transformation although gulping up jobs; have the potential to create manifold and lucrative opportunities for those in the field of Information Technology with diverse pathways for new job avenues in the IT department across the sectors; which are also on the lookout for talent that can break evolving tech barriers offering innovative solutions to the next generation of technology problems and issues. If career progression into IT or a shift in the IT sector is your goal, here are some of the benefits to reassure your decision.

Why join the IT sector?

  • Versatility Of Potential Work Sectors: If Information Technology is your chosen career path, then you are ought to be spoilt for choices. Every sector is on the hunt for skilled technological brains whether it is healthcare, automotive, banking, beauty, travel, or any other industry. Public sectors and government arms like law, banking, financial institutes, etc. need Information Technology assistance too. The push toward digitalization, app-website-based digital existence, and footprint have covered the corners of technology unavailability too.
  • Growing Demand: There is a growing demand for IT professionals which is universal across industries. To enable the working and smooth functioning of the tech world, skilled IT professionals are required to offer solutions. You name a sector or a field and it does need a technological pillar to help that business stand and grow. Digitization of financial resources demands stronger cybersecurity, and allied professionals; emerging technologies like blockchain and Artificial Intelligence need skilled labour as well.
  • Increased Flexibility: The manufacturing sector is known for its rigorous working hours and toiling shifts. However, services especially IT services often have flexible working hours and work environments offering work-from-home options if need be and situations demands. The IT professionals are not tied to their desk/cubicle and can attend their meetings from a serene Goa beach too (Internet and their office permitting). Most IT companies offer a magnetic work culture with gyms, recreational spaces, bean bags, and other extra activities to make you feel joyous at your work.
  • Learn and Grow: With a sure move towards digital transformation, technological evolution, and IT reformation, those readily updating with tech evolution are in great demand. Industries often hire resources and train them to fit their need which also benefits the employee with on-the-go learning while making them available with resources to learn. A hunger to learn, and an attitude to perform not only earns money in the Information Technology sector but also enable you to learn and grow as a supplementary benefit.
  • Lucrative Package: Salary although being one of the last factors being negotiated in the hierarchy of the hiring process is one of the most important factors when finalizing among the available job offers. The Information Technology sector is known for its lavish salary along with other perks and benefits.
  • · You can work in tech without an IT degree: Employers these days are hunting for skillsets irrespective of the academic background. This has made cross-trained professionals with the right skills eligible for getting gainful employment. Technologies like salesforce offer a wide variety of job roles and opportunities for professionals needing no specific graduation as a prerequisite before getting skilled in Salesforce CRM.
  • Perks and work/life balance: Monthly parties and dinners, weekly games, recreational games and spaces, frequent trips and office picnics, and probable on-site work or foreign tours and other perks and benefits are common at tech organizations, especially the larger ones. Perhaps more important is work/life balance where some organizations offer leaves to employees for getting switched off from the monotonous routine, at times gifting family tour packages as well.

The ever-expanding market for Information Technology and allied services, and penetration into newer technologies and innovations have high scope for rapid growth and opportunities, provided one keeps abreast of the latest trends in technology and skillsets. It’s the right time to switch/choose (to) an IT job and sail your boat towards success port, in the ocean of technological possibilities and opportunities.

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