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5 ways to manifest your leadership qualities during group discussions

Leadership is a valuable trait that can be manifested in various ways. One such way is during group discussions, where individuals can showcase their leadership qualities by guiding the conversation, encouraging participation, and fostering a collaborative environment. In this blog, we’ll discuss five practical ways to manifest your leadership qualities during group discussions and stand out as a valuable team member

Group discussions are an inevitable part of gatherings whether they are at personal or professional front and rocking at them is an absolute art.

Here are a few readily implementable ideas to manifest the most powerful personality trait : ’the leadership’ during any type of group discussions.

  1. Keep the discussion on the track
  • A lot of times discussions derail from the actual track and end up having completely distracted and unproductive discussion.
  • If you sense the same happening, bring people back on the track by appealing to them to stick to the topic.
  1. Handle the chaos
  • Chaos is bound to happen when people with different opinions are discussing together.
  • If you can handle the chaos and conduct the discussion in a more coordinated way, that’s a great manifestation of leadership qualities.
  1. Encourage the strugglers
  • Every group possesses people with different personalities.
  • People who are submissive in nature are generally dominated by confident speakers and end up not speaking at all in the discussion despite several attempts.
  • Encourage participants who have been trying to enter into the discussion.
  • You can use your influence and seek a place for the strugglers in the group .
  • Afterall, A powerful leader is one who empowers others.
  1. Find the middle ground
  • A real leader is open minded , without prejudices and always tries to achieve a win-win situation.
  • In group discussions, people might have extreme opinions and as a leader you have to find the middle ground and ensure a decent, civil and a fruitful discussion.
  1. Be active throughout
  • Be active throughout the discussion by contributing to the discussion and also listening actively.
  • Your speeches in the discussions should be so confident that everyone is bound to listen to you.
  • And while you are not speaking, make sure that you listen attentively, take note and give verbal and non verbal cues encouraging other speakers.
  • With these two gestures you establish yourself as a powerful, approachable and welcoming leader.

Leaders are needed everywhere however you don’t need a title to be a leader. A right attitude and courage to do the right things manifests the same.

All the best for your leadership endeavours.

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