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Walmart Strategy Behind the #DealDropDance Content: How the Campaign Went Viral

There is no need for introducing the huge retailer Walmart. The company is one of the largest in the world having over 11,000 branches across the world. Walmart uses a variety of strategies for advertising recently to compete with e-commerce giants like Amazon. One of their most innovative and successful campaigns was the #DealDropDance, which was launched during the holiday season of 2020. We’ll look at Walmart’s approach for the #DealDropDance material in this section, as well as what made the campaign so popular.


Walmart staff might be seen dancing in a series of quick films for the #DealDropDance campaign. The films soon gained popularity after being posted on social networking sites including Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. What therefore accounts for the #DealDropDance campaign’s popularity? The following are some crucial components of Walmart’s plan:


1.The Importance of Deals


Providing clients with the best deals and discounts was the main focus of the #DealDropDance promotion. Walmart has a reputation for having affordable prices, and this was highlighted in the campaign. Walmart was able to attract people who were searching for the lowest prices by focusing on the significance of special offers and discounts.


2. social media


Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok were just a few of the social media sites where the #DealDropDance videos were posted. Walmart was able to contact more customers and reach a larger audience as a result. Walmart was able to generate awareness about the campaign and draw in more customers by making use of the social media platform’s potential.


3. Engaging Content


The brief, amusing videos of Walmart employees dancing made the campaign more memorable and shareable. The movies also assisted in putting a human face on the company and generating enthusiasm and fun around Walmart shopping. Walmart was able to grab customers’ attention and improve their perception of the company by producing interesting content.


4. Influencers


To spread the word about the campaign and broaden its appeal, Walmart teamed up with well-known influencers like Michael Le and Addison Rae. This aided in attracting a younger audience and creating even more talk about the campaign. Walmart was able to reach a larger audience by collaborating with influencers and getting access to their fan network.


5. Sense  of Urgency


During the Christmas season, when consumers are aggressively shopping for deals and discounts, the #DealDropDance promotion was introduced. Walmart was successful in increasing website traffic and sales by generating a sense of urgency and excitement surrounding the campaign. Additionally, the campaign included a deadline, which heightened the sense of urgency and compelled customers to take immediate action.


What the #DealDropDance Campaign Achieved


For Walmart, the #DealDropDance promotion was a big success. On social media, the campaign received over 1.5 billion views and interactions. Many users commented on the films and shared them with their friends, which resulted in a huge rise in followers and engagement for Walmart’s Twitter and Instagram profiles. Walmart reported a 20% boost in e-commerce sales during the holiday season, indicating that the ad also contributed to higher sales.


To sum up, Walmart’s #DealDropDance campaign was a carefully thought out and carried out marketing approach that connected with shoppers. Walmart was able to develop a memorable and successful campaign that increased sales and brand recognition by focusing on offers, utilising social media, producing interesting content, collaborating with influencers, and instilling a feeling of urgency.


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