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Ten Useful Tips for LinkedIn Job Search

If you are looking for a good platform for a better job search using LinkedIn and not familiar yet. Learn and practice these useful tips for your future

A couple of years ago I created my profile on LinkedIn and often I never used it the way I should have. One of my close friends told me how I have to update profiles and why LinkedIn is an important platform to get hired by companies. The LinkedIn platform has been a very popular source for searching candidates for many recruiters to find the right candidate they need for the job role.

Nowadays an essential tool to showcase the best profile with accurate personal and professional information to be noticed by recruiters and employers. The reason many employees and employers use LinkedIn as a reliable source to connect on the professional front because that could become competent for job opportunities against hundreds and thousands of other people in the world. To have the stand out the profile on LinkedIn people create an ideal professional page to catch the attention of the employer. 

Not only job seekers and employees who are looking forward to new opportunities, but also entrepreneurs are also using this platform to promote their business, to enhance their connection with leaders and potential investors. LinkedIn as a platform connects employers with employees and it is different than other social media platforms. This platform shows your resume, skill sets, and work experience online along with connections with potential companies for job seekers and clients for employers. Companies allow you to apply job posts from their LinkedIn page. 

People who are looking for good opportunities through job search can improve using LinkedIn. Every day employers join LinkedIn and use this platform to post jobs to reach out to maximum candidates. So here are a few tips that can help you to optimize the use of LinkedIn:

  1. Headlines speak: Your LinkedIn headlines should show employers who you are and what you can do for the company at your end. It should be captivating to readers. Headlines should speak about your talent, promises to the companies, and shows your personality as it’s the first thing employer look on your LinkedIn profile.
  2. Background Summary: Background summary of your profile gives information about your professional journey and abilities that get noticed by recruiters. It should be written in more general enough to cover your professional background and that show up in search result. It should not look like a resume. Here you can portrait your job responsibilities, achievements, and solved problems by concisely keeping all.
  3. Professional Endorsement: Endorsement allows your connection to visit your profile and validates your skills. The best way to endorse is to endorse others. To build the credibility of recommendation on your profile add a list of skills and get it endorsed to your profile for recruiters to see them. When you endorse someone, they will endorse you as well in return. 
  4. Professional photo: Upload a professional photo of yours that shows a smile. Do not upload your photo with a family member or group of friends. A professional photo should be ideal that shows you in a professional context. The professional photo also enhances your credibility and availability. Always keep your current updated photo.
  5. Research and Connect: Research the companies on LinkedIn if you are looking for a specific job role and connect with them if you know any of your connections are also connected to them. You can ask your connections on LinkedIn for your reference to introduce you for a particular job role you want. Making connections and asking them makes you a sincere and serious person. The more you connect with people on LinkedIn there are good chances that employers found you. This way people visit your profile and they may even refer your profile to their connections who are looking for candidature for the post you are into.
  6. Search for a job on LinkedIn: If you want to search for jobs, you can click on the “Jobs” tab, by entering a keyword, location and zip code you can find job posts from companies. You can also use the advance search option to find filtered jobs for you. Latest job post to last week job post, by experience level and specific functions you can filter your search and apply for the post most suitable to you. You can also save a job search for future reference. The companies which you follow can help you find your job in that specific company.
  7. Join groups on LinkedIn: As per your interest and field of work you can now choose to join the group accordingly. You may find your connections in those groups or you may even connect with individuals having a similar profession as yours. You will get to know unique content, news, opinions, job posts, and reference. Make interactions with other connections and with others outside your professional network. 
  8. Update your contact information: If you are not getting a response from LinkedIn, you need to update your contact information so that employer can find you easily.
  9. Being active is being visible: Your activity on LinkedIn is important to show your visibility and professional image. Every time you like, comment or share something it reflects your personality. Being active means LinkedIn propels your profile higher in searches. It is an opportunity to build your connections by sharing and by reacting to useful information. Based on your activity people will see your name and think of you or recognize you for any future great opportunity. 
  10. Show achievements and gain value: To know what to mention in your achievements focus on the intentions you created a profile and to whom you want to take attention to your profile. For writing achievement answer to what was the problem, why was the problem, what steps you take to resolve that problem, what was the result by solving that problem, and how that solution added value to the business? 
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