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How to crack interviews of IT MNC companies?

Interviews are one of the most decisive phases in everyone’s career. They act as a gateway towards your dream career.

However most of the aspirants become uncomfortable when they have to go through the interviews. They cannot, do not give their best, ending up not getting the jobs they really deserve.

Here are a few sure shot ideas that can help you crack the interviews and land into your dream jobs.

  • Remember. It is a professional conversation and not a court martial.
  • The fear of interviews that a candidate’s carries is the major reason they cannot perform well.
  • Look at the interviews as a professional conversation and you will feel comfortable and confident which intern will improve your performance.
  • Also make sure you keep it a conversation which is interesting and not a monotonous robotic outlet of what you have memorised.
  1. Never underestimate the power of preparation.
  • Preparation beats the talent when talent does not prepare. So basically you need to sharpen your saws of preparation before you go for the interviews.
  • Make sure you are not surprised and dumbfounded by questions which are frequently asked.
  • Prepare for:
  1. Answers to most frequently asked questions.
  2. Understand and have an explanation ready for every word in your resume.
  3. Revisit your project details.
  1. A book is still judged by its cover.
  • Your attire is the first visible thing to your interview which definitely plays a part in shaping an opinion about you.
  • Make sure you need to fit in by your attire and stand out by your message.
  • Wear formal, clean and ironed clothes,
  • Also, Do not over-dress. Wear what you feel comfortable in for the fact that the tiniest discomfort can disturb your performance during the interview.
  1. Attitude takes the front seat in your selection process.
  • Attitude plays the most decisive role in every selection or rejection.
  • Make sure you carry the right attitude during the interview.
  1. Can do Attitude.
  2. Willingness to learn.
  3. Interested in the opportunity.
  1. Body language
  • Our body language speaks faster and louder than our words So make sure that it is conveying the right message.
  • Do’s
  1. Maintain eye contact.
  2. Leave your hands free.
  3. Sit in the right posture.
  4. Maintain a light smile.
  • c. Don’ts
  1. Do not keep tapping your feet.
  2. Do not play with any objects while speaking.
  3. Do not keep your hands folded.
  4. Do not point fingers.
  5. Do not slouch.
  1. Be an Active Listener.
  • Listening is an important part of any communication. Make sure you listen attentively and do not have to ask to repeat the questions frequently.
  • Give verbal and non verbal cues while you are listening to the interviewer.
  • Make sure you do not answer without understanding.
  • Ask questions when necessary making sure that you are not interrupting the interviewer’s flow.
  1. Exude Confidence.
  • Believe that you can, you’re halfway there.
  • Believe that you deserve the opportunity and show that you are confident to take charge of your responsibilities.
  • This assurance will definitely raise your score in the interviewers mind.
  • In short, You need to believe in yourself first before expecting that the interviewer should believe in you.

Cutting the long story short, An interview backed with right mindset and attitude armed up with preparation, filled up with confidence and Power Packed with effective communication can definitely land you into your dream job.

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