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How can you Negotiate Perks in Job Offer?

If you want to know how to handle job offer in right way to get the job you want and how you can negotiate with compensation you deserve , then this blog will definitely help you to learn more about salary negotiation.

Receiving a job offer is might make you think how to proceed further? You will take enough time to be certain about the position offered to you is right or not. You will decide whether the salary package you have been offered is reasonable or not. Job seekers spend lots of time evaluating salary when it comes to negotiation between receipt and acceptance of an offer.

If you know you want the job you take enough time in evaluating your worth with job offer. It’s the other case if you decline job offer if you are not satisfied with employment terms but still you do take time in careful evaluation to know whether you should consider it or not. While negotiating the salary and when asked what your expectation salary is, if you give too low number, you may not go further in negotiation with employer. On the other hand, if you give reasonably high expectation, you may get good price for yourself to move ahead.

Job seekers overlooked other perks and benefits in job offer in negotiating compensation. For recruiters, salary counts for only 70 percent of total compensation and rest falls under perks and benefits. So, while fixing compensation don’t forget to look for adequate perks and benefits in job offer. Other benefits contribute employee’s long-term happiness and satisfaction. For some happiness in workplace matter most other than adequate salary.

So, what would be the best time to negotiate salary with employer?

Best time to negotiate is after you receive a job offer but you haven’t accept job. It is the right time to ask for perks and benefits, weather you want this job for long term or short period of time. After evaluating the job if you are interested to take the job but you feel it could be better then considered negotiation. Negotiating a job offer will not complete until you are prepared for it. Do some research about what company is capable of offering and ask for benefits that you truly care about.

Below are six Perks or benefits on which person can negotiate on job offer.

  • Flexible Working Hours: Negotiating for flexible hours is valuable depending on personal requirement and situation. Negotiate terms with the commitment to your job and if any value addition you contribute to the company if you are allowed for flexible schedule.
  • Work from Home: Due to pandemic lockdown working from home is becoming popular and completely reasonable for most jobs. Make sure to negotiate for it appropriately only after you proved your performance record in a way that benefits the company.
  • Vacation Time: If you get less paid days off per year you won’t have enough time to spend your valuable experience for yourselves and with your family. You can negotiate for more time off when employer that would go well if employer consider it so.
  • Better Job Title: Job title plays valuable role for yourself to create non-monetary value. Your ability should benefit right to the employer at workplace. Depending on the situation, you can negotiate for more senior level title to create non-monetary value. This will only applicable for experience employee.
  • Good Retirement Plan: Compensation structure differ company to company in retirement plan as well. Look into what job offers you in retirement plan and what you are really getting from that plan. You can consider an important factor such as investment options.
  • Educational Benefits: If professional or other programs are important for you then don’t step back to ask for it from employer. It will pay off well especially if your employer considers it so.

If you have decided to take a job role and you are sure to accept the offer after all your needs fulfilled, inform employer about your decision gracefully and wait for your employer to proceed it formally.

It might happen after all negotiations, right salary are not offered or right benefits are not provided in a job what you expect from company as per your need. There is nothing wrong with saying no to job offer in such case. Before going further to decline any job offer carefully decide and decline politely to the employer.

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