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6 Facts of Highly Paid IT Jobs

Information Technology has been a lucrative career option and most preferable choice for youngsters having interest in technologies. and a source to get a highly paid IT jobs . With raising demand in IT for professionals and young graduates here are some interesting facts to know. The Information Technology industry has given an enormous scope to us to progress in the ever changing dynamic sector of the economy. Technology industry keeps changing fast with new technologies and is always developing. Information Technology professionals are updated with loads of information related to new technology and innovations. This all makes Information Technology career a smart choice, being the most in-demand skill in the world. The Information Technology industry plays a vital role in keeping India’s economic condition in progress. The IT market is full of opportunities for growth of those engaged in technology services. Cloud, mobile and social technology has created a big shift in the Information Technology sector. Rise in new demand brings new techniques and technology resulting in great access to information globally. Technology leaders invest their work towards technology development. Software technology is also consistently evolving, companies require talented software engineers and Software developers to provide tech solutions and progress in upward direction to beat competition. The IT industry is full of innovative ideas, creation of solutions, unique and functional. As the IT industry is establishing its mark every other day let’s find out the INTERESTING FACTS of highly paid IT jobs in today’s scenario.  

    • High Paying Industry: There is no surprise in saying that Information Technology has its large demand. Today the world is looking for talent specialized in machine learning, Salesforce (SFDC) and data science who are the highest paying jobs in the country. The reason is they are high paid jobs and the supply in the IT market is less. Companies need such talent profiles in their companies. The least spiralized job in the IT sector is test and quality assurance but companies pay good paychecks as compared to others.
    • Google pays the highest salary, India Inc. the least: Google offers great paychecks to the entry-level software engineer about forty percent higher than other similar software engineers in IT companies. IT professionals beginning their career in Google India can expect a salary between 5-38 Lakh per annum. On top of that, Google has been known for its cool workplace for their employees. On the other hand, India Inc in the IT sector, is the world’s least paying company to its employees.
    • Most in-demand and least in-demand specialty: Software engineer having specialization in machine learning, data science are in-demand in developing technology markets with less supply. That means Software engineers with machine learning, salesforce and data science are less in the IT sector where demand is most companies. In the same way, Quality assurance engineers are more in supply and less in demand in the IT sector. Although Quality assurance and test engineers are doing great work in many companies and are good career options too.
    • IT Professionals are more into learning and training: Software engineers and other IT professionals keep themselves updated with new technologies and theories. They keep learning skills more often than any other profession. It should be because in the changing environment of the IT industry lots of things are replaced with innovative tech and techniques. Their learning ability keeps them growing in the IT sector for future progress in their careers.
    • Social connection on LinkedIn: Most of the software engineers and developers and other professions in IT spent most of their time on LinkedIn. Maximum likes to spend their time updating their profiles on LinkedIn as compared to other professions. There is always a huge opportunity for IT professionals on LinkedIn. They usually find it easy and convenient to connect with top management and companies.
    • Highest paying certification: Top certification that anyone can earn in the IT sector is Certified Professional Cloud Architect. It allows IT professionals to certify as Cloud Architect on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). After completion of this certificate, one has the capacity to design, develop and manage Goggle’s cloud architecture using GCP technologies. Cloud skills are high in demand for the companies seeking solutions to critical problems.
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