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Mr. Sudhanshu Jain

Founder | Premium Learnings Systems

Welcome to a narrative of resilience, determination, and the pursuit of dreams! In 2006, my professional journey commenced as a software developer, a role that set the stage for an incredible odyssey.

Through years of dedication and unwavering commitment, I ascended the corporate ladder, ultimately leading a dynamic business integration team. Yet, in 2014, I made a pivotal decision—to leave the comfort of the corporate world and venture into the realm of entrepreneurship, fueled by a lifelong dream.

The path to entrepreneurship was no cakewalk. Over nine years, I weathered storms, navigated challenges, and embraced a myriad of experiences. These were the crucibles that shaped a brand now valued at a remarkable $5 million.

My journey is not just a personal saga; it’s an invitation for you to join me on a transformative expedition. As an established figure in the edtech landscape, I’ve set my sights on empowering coaches, consultants, and trainers like you. Together, we’ll elevate your business to unprecedented heights, crafting multi-million dollar brands.

In the crucible of my own mistakes and triumphs, I’ve distilled invaluable insights. Now, it’s time to share these gems with you. I believe that if I can transform dreams into reality, so can you.

Join me in a community of like-minded individuals—passionate entrepreneurs seeking knowledge, inspiration, and a roadmap to success. Let’s embark on this journey together, where the wisdom gained over the years becomes the compass guiding you to your entrepreneurial zenith.

Your story is waiting to be written. Are you ready to script your own success? Join me on this exhilarating adventure—I look forward to meeting you and unlocking the untapped potential within.

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Owning brands worth $5 million.

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