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12+ years of experience in software development and Communication training in India and United Kingdom.

She has been the Winner of many Elocution, debate and personality contests till now. She has also been awarded by ‘Fair and Lovely foundation’ for her outstanding achievements.

Communication is her deepest passion and she believes it is magical. She has been training, mentoring and transforming personalities through her very connecting and motivating training sessions.

In her tenure as a trainer, she has worked on various aspects of communication like business communication, interpersonal communication, public speaking etc. and has addressed to a very diverse range of audience ranging from Students, Corporate employees, to entrepreneurs and politicians.

With Premium Learnings, she is advancing on this passionate and dedicated journey to empower and transform lives through the strongest tool of communication.


5000+ Students Trained
Awarded for her Skills
Multifaceted Skills
Highly Accredited Mentor

Youtube Presence

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