AI Powered Digital Marketing
Mastery Workshop

Unlock your Entrepreneurial Ability with focused Digital Marketing 5 stage funnel for
Customer Acquisition

9th Sept 2023

11:00 AM Onward















9th September 2023

11:00 AM Onwards

Through this workshop you can immediately solve problems related to;

Lead Cost Ratio

Lead Count Ratio

Lead to Conversion Ratio

Lead to Profitability Ratio

This Workshop is for you. If you are a;

Startup Entrepreneur

          Freelance Digital Marketer

Service Offering Business Owner

Agency Owner

Small Business Entrepreneur

After the Session you will be able to;

How to Double your Quality leads

A 3 Step Framework to The Most Important Aspect in Digital Marketing or Marketing AARRR Funnel

How you can Reduce your Lead Cost

Utilize automation software to streamline repetitive tasks and increase productivity.

How to achieve Higher Leads to Sales Ratio

Build a landing page quickly with user-friendly website builders and pre-designed templates

How to Create Campaign Strategy to reduce Error in Campaign

Create an interview script to ace any Digital Marketing interview with confidence and expertise

How to Structure a Marketing Team

Continuously learn and develop skills to excel in your career or enhance your team’s performance

How to deal with 3rd Party Agencies

Gain a competitive advantage as a beginner digital marketer by attending this game-changing webinar


Which Reports and Metric should you ask your Agency

Generate effective prompts to achieve desired outputs, ensuring successful outcomes with maximum efficiency

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Chat GPT Prompts for content creation

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Chat GPT Prompts for Research & Strategy Creation

Worth Rs 999/-

Time & Task Management

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Meet Your Trainer

Mr. Viraj Waikar

Mr. Viraj Waikar Will be Your mentor for the Online AI Powered Digital Marketing Workshop has 8 years of extensive experience in the field and knowledge to guide you in tackling various digital marketing challenges. He has worked as a digital marketing analyst and also completed google AdWords certification which makes him a great fit for a digital marketing trainer. He is qualified to train students on several facets of digital marketing thanks to his proficiency in technologies like SEO, online advertisements, email marketing, Google Analytics, AdWords, and Webmaster Tools.

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What Language will the webinar will be in

The webinar will be a mix of Hindi & English, with majority of session spoken in Hindi.

Will this be an interactive Webinar?

Throughout the webinar you will be able to access the chat function through which the trainer will be taking all the questions.

Will I get reminders before the workshop to join?

Yes, our team will be sending you Whatsapp reminders before the session. But it is advised to join our community, for which you will get the link after successful registration.

How can I join this workshop?

You can join the session on your Mobile or Desktop. But it is advised to join the session from a Desktop or Laptop.

Will I get recording of the Workshop?

No, you won’t be able to receive recording of the Workshop.

Please provide your accurate contact information. We will use the details you provide in the form to contact you directly