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Salesforce Career Accelerator Program - Introduction Session

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Sudhanshu Jain

Managing Director, Chief Mentor

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Who is this Workshop for?

Freshers who are actively looking for a Job in IT Industry, but are having trouble.

Students who are in their last year and are looking to get trained in highly demanded skill.

IT Aspirants with Career Gap who are actively looking for a Job in Salesforce.

UPSC Aspirants who are willing to switch to a Job in IT Industry.

Employees who are willing to Get Cross Trained to a better profile in Salesforce.

Housewives who are looking to restart their career in IT Industry.

What will you learn from this Webinar?

💼 How you can Find Highly Paid Salesforce Jobs

👨‍💻 How you can Enable yourself for Highly Paid Salesforce Jobs

💣 How you can avoid Common Mistakes made by Job Seekers

💁 Why most of the employers do not respond to your job requests ?

🤯 Change of mindset required to achieve your dream job

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, this would be a FREE Webinar, where the mentor would take you through various aspects and topics as mentioned above.

Yes, we would be providing a recording of the Free Webinar Session through e-mail after the webinar is concluded.

Yes, we conduct a FREE 5 Day Workshop after this session, for which you are required to register separately.

Please provide your accurate contact information. We will use the details you provide in the form to contact you directly