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Here’s What You Will Learn in 2 Hours

Ideal Career Paths for Fresh Talent
Transitioning to Tech Excellence
Job Portal Revelations Unveiled
Crafting a High-Paying Career Path
The Fail-Proof 100% Job Guarantee Formula
Cracking the Skill Code

Who should attend this workshop?

Newcomers to the IT world facing challenges? Uncover pathways to your ideal job.
Aspiring Salesforce professionals with career gaps, discover ways to kickstart your journey.
Homemakers aiming to revive their IT careers—explore opportunities for a fresh start.
Final-year students eager for in-demand skills, gear up for impactful training
UPSC enthusiasts looking to switch to IT—explore a seamless career transition.
Employees seeking to enhance their profile in Salesforce—get ready for a successful journey in cross-training.

Meet Your Mentor

Mr. Sudhanshu Jain

Founder | Premium Learnings Systems

15 years of rich corporate and training experience | Worked with CMM level 5 companies | Extensive knowledge of implementing marketing clouds | Mentored thousands of students for career growth and success.

In his 15 years of rich experience in business and training, he has acceded multifaceted positions and responsibilities in CMM level 5 companies servicing several Fortune 500 customers. He also has expertise in implementing marketing clouds for major global product and communication companies.

He is known for his inspiring and clear communication style. His dynamic training sessions use a variety of methods, including drawings, anecdotes, and case studies, to make complex concepts like coding frameworks and CRM design practices easier to understand.

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Is this a FREE Webinar?

Yes this will be Free Workshop

Who should attend the workshop?

The workshop is for anyone who wants to Elevate your Career.

What will I receive after I complete the workshop?

No , You Will not get certified for this Webinar

Can I ask questions during the workshop?

Yes! We will have a dedicated FAQ Session to clear anyone's doubts.

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